Marriage life too dull? Try these to make your life full of passion.

My husband recently found a liking in watching erotic movies, which I understand is normal for men to have such needs. However, if his desires are so strong, why isn’t he more active in our marital life? Is it because our sexual lives are too plain and boring to him?

No matter what it is, a repetition of the same thing day after day will lead to boredom, even when it comes to sexual life. So to maintain harmony in marital relationships, it is important to pay attention to sexual pleasure. Occasionally learning from “AV” style sex can keep your relationship warm and make your sexual life better.

1. Play the role of shy innocence

Typically Japanese “AV” actresses differ from those wild western ones as they start with subtle expressions before beginning a sexual scene. This is characteristic of and symbolic of Eastern reserved culture. Shy women bring out the sense of young girls which would drive men wild with their protective urges especially during intercourse. As opposed to women who are open in bed during intercourse, this little girl act will be more attractive to men as no man likes being intimate with a fierce woman.

2. Mastering oral sex techniques

The oral skills of those actresses in movies cannot be underestimated; trying out and absorbing some essence may bring much more comfort during lovemaking sessions. Women are willing to perform oral sex on men because they abide by the principle that men come first and if one should be pleased then she is eager enough to do it willingly. When they perform oral sex on men they usually like using their mouths around the upper part that circles around penis which makes the process alluringly soulful.

3. Cospaly makes it more passionate
Making love in monotonous ways can be very dulling. Whereas changing the scenario or taking up different roles may bring about unexpected effects for both parties involved in lovemaking session; occurrences like playing nurses, air hostesses or teachers amongst others can ignite male’s desire towards you and portray a stronger sense of masculinity than having them stark naked before you would have done them at first time when too shy about sexuality issues . Choosing roles should also be agreed upon beforehand as this could help improve performances during acts .

4 Clothing adds comfort during sex
        Nakedness may seem tempting especially at early stages but familiarity with your body may make nudity seem too common for him hence not desirable again . Women should however not go completely nude during intercourse but rather put on light clothing like coats something thin enough not showing practically nothing yet leaving something unsaid that could make man lust after her deeply than he would have done if she was stark naked .This adds more flair into bedroom activities leading into a more harmonized flow between two partners as well as bringing intense arousal much greater than mere nakedness would have done had brought forth . Clothes should however not be overdone or else outcome might turn out otherwise contrary .

5 Using adult toys for fun
        We often see such scenes where actor administers lubricants onto actress just before lovemaking session thus sparking great desire from man since shiny materials always incite interest which cannot be resisted by any . Therefore why don’t we try this out ? Using Durex Cherry Lubricant ; pleasant fruity sensation going round whenever used arousing both partners deeply every time bringing beautiful experiences between them making her fall in love with lovemaking daringly and being able play around within given boundaries .