Maximize Love Making for Ding-Ding by Inserting the Deepest Sexual Skills

How can one maximize their depth of penetration during sex? The depth of penetration for each person during intercourse is different. The suggestion from our editor is to learn some sexual techniques and your depth will naturally increase!

The traditional position is the most commonly used for love making. The basic form is for the woman to lie on her back with her legs apart. When the man lies on top of her, his penis enters her. All other man-on-top positions are variations on this one.

Most people believe that the traditional position is a form of love face to face contact that ensures both parties pay attention to each other’s reactions and preferences. Throughout the process, the two sides are able to converse and kiss. The male can also suckle on the female’s breasts and nipples. This helps to create an atmosphere of love, making lovemaking more meaningful. Many men have a desire to control women, and this position is able to satisfy those needs.

Men can also use this position to control his activity, allowing him to thrust shallow or deep as desired. If the woman brings her knees up, it can allow for a deeper penetration.

If the woman lies on her back in the traditional position with her legs straight, the man places his legs over hers and does not penetrate deeply, yet the pleasure is great.

If the man puts his legs on either side of the woman’s legs and holds her legs tightly with his, he can maintain a moderate and powerful deep insertion with his penis. The woman uses her pelvic muscle to squeeze his penis when it enters and exits, making him feel especially wonderful and possibly making him reach climax quickly.

The traditional position is the most commonly used love-making position. The basic style is the woman lying on her back with her legs spread apart. When the man lies on top of her, his penis enters her. All other male-superior positions are variations of this position.

In the basic position with the woman on top, small changes can make a difference. The woman can bend her legs and open them wide while sitting on her partner’s feet. When facing each other, her legs can be placed on his legs. This variation is especially advantageous when making love, to allow for deeper penetration. Some partners prefer deeper penetration.

Another comfortable variation is for the man to lie on his back with his knees pulled up towards his chest, with the woman sitting in the middle between his legs, facing away from him. This allows her to more easily guide his penis into her vagina.

The man has little room for movement, but the woman can thrust, turn to the side and rotate. She can also use her free hand to stimulate the man’s perineum. The man’s legs and her toes support her body, making it very comfortable.

The penis is situated at an acute angle, thus providing advantageous friction to the posterior wall of the vagina. If the female partner can master the proper rhythm and depth, such friction can give her great pleasure.