Men and Women Don’t Get Too Close: 46 Pieces of Different Gender Cold Knowledge

1. Men and women should not be too close in public.
2. It’s better for men and women to avoid physical contact.
3. Men and women should not speak in a soft voice or whisper when they’re together.
4. When two people of opposite genders are alone, the conversation should be kept at a minimum.
5. Men and women should not have meals together, especially when there are other people around.
6. It’s best for men and women to keep a certain distance between them when conversing in public places such as classrooms, offices, or restaurants.
7. It is inappropriate for men and women to enter each other’s private space, such as bedrooms or bathrooms, unless it is absolutely necessary.
8. Men and women should not exchange meaningful glances with each other in public places where others can see them.
9. Men and women should maintain their own personal space while sitting next to each other on public transportation or other crowded places such as theaters or buses.
10. Men and women should try to avoid conversations that require physical closeness such as intimate topics or talking about their dreams or hopes for the future; instead, they can talk about general topics such as current affairs or societal issues that don’t lead to emotional entanglement between the two genders
According to research, men change their minds two to three times more often than women.

Women have a stronger ability to resist cold than men.

Dreaming of a stranger is more common for men than women in Spring-dreams; women tend to dream of those they already know.

Due to the differences in brain structures, usually women’s empathy ability is much stronger than that of men.

According to the survey statistics, approximately 7 out of every 100 males suffer from some form of color blindness, while only 1 out of every 1000 females suffers from color blindness.

If the father is normal, and the mother is a colorblindness patient, then the daughter’s probability of being colorblind is 0 and the son must be colorblind.

Statistics show that only 30% of women do not wash their hands after using the restroom, while for men it is the opposite –only 30% of them do. Do you wash your hands after using the restroom?

Men typically laugh for a longer period of time, with louder voices and more frequently than women.

Women usually learn to talk and use sentences earlier and learn to read faster than men.

If both GC is achieved, the happiness felt by females is three times that of males.

Research has found that the average IQ of females is slightly higher than that of males.

Women’s nerve fibers are about twice as sensitive as men’s, meaning that women have about twice the capacity of feeling pain as men.

Men digest food about three times faster than women.

Women blink almost twice as much as men.

Men and women often argue with each other, and the last words spoken by the woman usually signify the end of “war”, whereas the man’s last words signal the start of a new round of “war”.

Approximately 5-8% of males and 0.5-1% of females around the world have different degrees of color blindness or color deficiencies, meaning that one person with a color vision abnormality could be found in every 20 males or 100 females.

Famous female writer Zhang Xiaoxian once said that women shed more tears in bed than any other place, and men tell more lies in bed than any other place.

Generally, men tend to have better eyesight than women, but women can see more colors and women generally have better hearing than men.

The idea behind the saying “Saving for boys and spending for girls” is to cultivate thriftiness in boys from an early age so that they grow up to be responsible and capable. It can also stimulate their desire to make money and become independent. On the other hand, girls are delicate and need careful care. Material needs should be met as much as possible to build their self-confidence. Therefore, girls who grow up this way will not easily be moved by money and have a better chance of finding true happiness in the future.

Girls have PMS, but actually boys also have PMS, the scientific name is male irritability syndrome, abbreviated as IMS. Symptoms include anxiety, depression, irritability and aggression. Doesn’t it sound similar to girls’ psychological state when they come to menstruation? However, IMS has not yet been recognized as a medical diagnosis but studies show that it appears when testosterone levels drop to a certain level.

Boys and girls have six different needs for love: boys need trust, acceptance, appreciation, praise, recognition and encouragement, while girls need care, understanding, respect, loyalty, consideration and comfort.

On average, the male brain is about 12% larger than the female brain.

Girls are more easily absorbed in the drama because their empathy is much stronger than boys’, making it easier for them to relate.

A survey showed that mothers with boys are less forgetful than those with girls!

Most men even at the age of 70 still possess great strength.

Men usually get sick more easily than women.

Data shows that young women are more likely to suffer from constipation compared to men of the same age.

Women’s tolerance of knee joint, usually 8 times that of men.

Due to the different structure of the brain, men tend to be more forgetful than women.

Female hair loss generally starts from the middle of the hair, while male hair loss usually starts from the hairline.

According to statistics, the average bathing time for men is about 20 minutes, while for women it takes about an hour due to their more thorough washing and use of various skin care products. So, how long does it take to take a bath together?

Every day, people shed a certain amount of hair, but the amount of hair loss for men and women is different. On average, women shed about 70 hairs per day, while men shed about 40 hairs per day.

The heart rate of women beats faster than that of men.

Data from the survey showed that the ratio of snoring between men and women is 6:1.

According to survey statistics, the number of times male inpatients get out of bed is twice that of female inpatients.

Men’s ability to perceive colors is much weaker than that of women.

In women’s brains, there are 50% more neurons for recognizing smells compared to men, so women are usually more sensitive to smells.

85% of men do not use lingerie detergent to clean their undergarments.

Women’s field of vision is six times that of men, but men are better at observing a single target.

Data shows that 59% of males and 66% of females reported a decrease in their attraction after the first kiss.

The number of nerve fibers in female skin is approximately twice that of males, so females are far more sensitive to pain than males.

Research has found that the different body structures of women and men make them three times more likely to suffer from headaches than men.

Women’s eyes are more sensitive to light sources than men’s, which means the world in women’s eyes is more colorful and vivid than for men.

Experiments have shown that males tend to become bored with shopping after about 26 minutes.

Men’s psychological age is usually 3 years younger than their actual age.

If a woman’s IQ increases by 16 points, the probability of getting married decreases by around 40%. Interestingly, if a man’s IQ increases by 16 points, the probability of getting married increases by about 35%.