Men and women enjoy learning twenty pleasure-and-climax-reaching sexual techniques:

1. Slow and steady touching
2. Lingerie play
3. Oral sex
4. Mutual masturbation
5. Dirty talk
6. Sensual massage
7. Role playing
8. Vibrators and other toys
9. Light bondage, blindfolding, spanking, etc.
10. Sixty-nine position
11. Using pillows to experiment with angles
12. Trying a new lubricant
13. Switching positions often and spontaneously
14 .Varying the speed of thrusts
15 .Exploring erogenous zones 16 .Stimulating nipples during sex 17 .Using ice cubes or warm towels to stimulate each other 18 .Exploring anal stimulation 19 .Trying out different fantasies 20 .Trying out new places for sex
At first there was married life, with ways that couples could enjoy happiness and highs, but can it be difficult for themselves? Complex methods of sexual life require time to train, and even more so for beginners. Below are the 20 sex techniques that both men and women must use.

Put your partner’s finger in your mouth gently suck twice and then thrust in and out, many men will go crazy.

When holding the source of life for men, one can use more force to ensure that they enjoy this power.

Slowly lick the ear, sing beside the ear, read his name with voice, bite the earlobe, and the effect will appear quickly.

Seeing the other person masturbate not only can stimulate sexual desire, but also can immediately learn the techniques they like.

Even if you don’t like it much, when it comes to love, mostly people will be attracted by this small gesture of financial investment. Cooing and vibrating will make the other person intoxicated.

Eyes contact is very important, whether it is verbal love or other positions’ sexual life.

Try gently pulling, sucking or stroking the testicles with your fingers.

Don’t do positions that make you feel uncomfortable. Sexual life should be full of happiness, so please don’t put yourself in a painful natural environment with someone you trust. If the other person wants to do positions that are not intended for you, please tell him clearly.

Use plenty of lubricant. Even if a woman is wet, it’s best to supplement with some lubricant.

What do you like about the one you love? If you feel that his foreplay and methods are not enough, you can pay moderate attention to the other side or give specific guidance yourself.

Experience itself is important, but it is also important to pay attention to what the other person wants. For perfect sex, communication is key.

Learn to adjust quickly in difficult situations. There is no need to go crazy during sexual activities. When a girl is conveying teacher balance, she can extend her feet or apply force in her pelvic floor (Kegel muscle) from the female on top of the male position and you may feel different sensations.

When the male reproductive organ enters the vagina, the girl’s kegel muscle contractions can drive the man insane.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes in speaking. It is ludicrous to take a serious approach towards discussing sexual life, so just take it easy.

If you give your favorite hobby item, you can put it next to the bed to warm up the bed for two.

Tease more. Language doesn’t have to be white or coarse, as long as it feels good. When your partner does something you like, moderate praise will make him do better.

Don’t forget the power of touch. Sometimes contact and caressing each other, or feeling someone caressing you, is more blissful than sexual intercourse.

Don’t be afraid of rough mistakes. Gently scratch your partner’s back with your nails, curl their hair gently, and roll their neck to increase the excitement. Some people enjoy a rough sexual life and some don’t know how beautiful it can be.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends about sex. If your friends are active in their sexual lives, it can be a great help to discuss it with them. Just like in Sex and The City, talking about the joy of sexual life with good friends can sometimes broaden your horizons.

Relax. Don’t worry about the main expression of lying in bed. This is usually a subjective decision. Try to let go, take normal breaths and enjoy it.