Men coaxing women into “relationships” often say four most popular “falsehoods”:

1. “No one else will ever understand you like I do.”
2. “You’re the only one for me.”
3. “I can’t live without you.”
4. “I love you more than anyone else ever could.”
The saying goes “a man’s mouth, a ghost of lies”. Of course, there are good men in this world. But there are also many men who think about how to get girls into bed all day long. Below are the three most common false statements that men make. Take it seriously and you will lose! 1. “Don’t worry, I’ll be responsible for you” When two people are in a relationship that cannot yet be confirmed, men’s words should not be taken seriously. Now he speaks so nicely, when he turns his face and is not responsible in the future, how cruel he will be! Once you believe the man’s promise and get into a relationship, the woman will always suffer losses. If pregnancy is found out, it will cause great physical and mental harm to women. Women must not give up their bottom line just because of the man’s promise of responsibility! 2. “No matter what you become, I love you” People’s first impression is always reflected in their appearance and speech. For boys, looks are basically the first factor. Those who can’t see at first sight basically don’t have any show, let alone no matter what they become. Generally speaking, those who say these words to you are immature. They talk too much and guarantee too early. They try to solve current problems urgently without psychological preparation at all, so their credibility is almost zero. 3.”I’ll take care of you” In the movie King of Comedy there is a very moving line now this sentence is also used as a confession giving people an amazing feeling of warmth however in real life taking care of someone is more than just providing meals It also involves spiritual collision between two people if two people just simply feed each other affectionately then such feelings are not about love it’s more like keeping pets without any feeling of being in love so if love is only about feeding others then talking about it has no purpose Modern life as long as one isn’t lazy taking care of oneself isn’t a problem solving meals daily isn’t a problem either so don’t take it lightly when hearing this 4.”I’ll love you forever” Forever really is too long only strive for today hope sincerely at this moment only modern times with frequent changes if one doesn’t leave any room for themselves then worrying about change of heart later on becomes inevitable Love among people some true some fake dealing with each other becomes complicated Love between men and women some sincere some deceiving some betraying dealing with each other even harder to tell what’s true or false Men tend to easily rely on emotions when interacting with women A few sweet words may make women willing to give away everything Yet if love only involves feeding each other then there’s no need to talk about it anyone who isn’t lazy can take care of themselves solving meals daily isn’t an issue either So when hearing such sentences women should remain alert don’t easily trust them since they may not truly love you nor bring happiness´╝ü