Men should beware: these 3 periods are peak times for women straying.

Infidelity is often a topic of discussion and, with the progression of society, marriage has become increasingly fragile due to affairs leading to a multitude of heartache and bereavements. When it comes to infidelity, many people’s initial thoughts are towards men; however, in recent years there has also been an increase in women who have been unfaithful. Here we will explore the time periods in which women are most likely to commit adultery.

First and foremost, when couples are separated for long periods at a time they may struggle to stay connected and this lack of physical companionship can be one of the root causes for infidelity. A friend of mine – Sun Yingying – was always a very traditional woman; however, last year she told me something that shocked me – she had been unfaithful to her husband. Sun Yingying’s husband had received an opportunity to go on business trip outside their city early last year and although he had not returned home after almost a year, pregnancy made the situation more difficult for Sun Yingying as she wanted her husband with her during such important times. Unknowingly though, fate brought another man into Sun Yingying’s life – Chen Wuhang.

Chen Wuhang lived in the same residential area as Sun Yingying and one day saw her struggling to carry heavy bags back home; he offered his assistance. From then onwards their contact increased and it is known that they eventually fell in love as Chen Wuhang was able to provide comfort during such difficult times when loneliness was taking over. Thus when couples are separated from each other for extended periods of time then it becomes far easier for them to stray if they find someone who pays attention.

Secondly, marriages now often seem like duties or sacrifices needed by families or businesses creating an atmosphere where couples may lack warmth and affection necessary for healthy relationships. Men are especially guilty of this behaviour whereby they fail meet the obligations and responsibilities required as husbands such as helping out around the house or sympathizing with their wives’ emotions. Women living under these conditions feel overwhelmed by pressures leading them too look elsewhere if they cannot express themselves freely or do not feel appreciated by their partners.

Finally, when disagreements occur between couples men should not resort to cold war tactics but instead take into account what their wives want which is firstly understanding accompanied by respect and secondly unconditional love which shows that despite all differences couples still care about each other deeply even if hearts appear unbending at times. If men can be more willing make changes for the benefit of their partners then relationships would certainly stand a better chance at surviving any turbulence life may throw onto it path thus reducing chances/rates of cheating significantly!