Men should learn methods for sexual function health maintenance!

No matter what items need to be maintained for long-term use when used, the male reproductive organs are no exception. If we don’t pay attention to maintenance in peacetime, we may not feel anything in a short time. When we really feel powerless, it is difficult to recover. So, what are the sexual function health methods that men should learn?

No matter the age, one should not avoid the most basic and normal behavior of humans—sexual intercourse. Too frequent sexual intercourse can make the erectile center too excited and fatigued, easy to cause functional disorders, as well as back and waist soreness and fatigue; therefore, sexual intercourse needs to be regulated. Tight underwear should be avoided, as tight briefs can promote poor air circulation and temperature regulation, which can lead to high scrotal temperature and affect sexual function. Ample sleep is also necessary for maintaining sexual health. For those whose day jobs are busy, they feel exhausted when lying in bed at night; if forced to have sex at such times, it will surely affect their quality of life. For them, sexual activity can be arranged upon waking up in the morning. When they first wake up, the cortex is in a suppressed state so it is not easy to excite them; hence a certain amount of preparation time is needed. After early morning sex, they often need to rush out for work so wives cannot get adequate comfort after climaxing, while husbands do not have enough short sleep after ejaculation, making them easily tired. Secondly, forming a habit of taking warm baths before bedtime can help relax mood and improve sexual function as well as sleep quality. Remember that overly hot or cold water will stimulate sympathetic nerve excitement instead of relieving tension; therefore 38-39℃ lukewarm water should be used when taking a bath to eliminate tension. Finally, appropriate exercise and regular diet are highly recommended for those who take public transportations—they can hook their fingers on handles or rings inside the bus or repeatedly exercise by hooking two fingers together (the tips of the index fingers are “Shangyang” points which can strengthen manhood when stimulated).

Warm reminder: Men must have confidence so that they can show off their manliness. Women’s understanding is also important. Men are relatively sensitive in terms of sex. If they are beaten, it is possible that every time they have sex, they will worry before even starting and cannot make love properly, gradually weakening the feelings and easily leading to family breakdown.