Must-Know: Sexual Process Knowledge Most Popular Among Women

We study philosophy, aesthetics, computers…many “possible” things that may make us happy, but few learn about the knowledge below which “certainly” will make you happy…Do you know what kind of sex a woman desires? What is the sexual process that most women favor? First, the prelude of sex.
A woman’s foreplay starts when she thinks of seeing a man, or when she meets him. When making love, a woman incorporates her day into her passion. If the man is not in a hurry to end the battle,” then give her some flowers first! If you can’t afford a bouquet, buy one flower at least! Give her a small gift when meeting; take some time to accompany her for a walk and talk like those described in many love novels and give her an affectionate hug that any woman would like.

Aside: Women need these and if they don’t have them they will feel resentment unless it is simply a “transaction”.

Men, please spend some time romantically interacting with women before sex and resonate with her fantasies so she can incorporate it into your sex together. Second, sufficient foreplay.

Sufficient foreplay must be very adequate. Many men rush into doing it without even arousing the woman; women won’t like it if there isn’t enough secretion from them even if it leads to physical climax; this kind of climax doesn’t mean satisfaction because it’s just instinctive rather than psychological climax for women. ( For women, their psychological climax should be more important than physical one.) In novels often men are described as kissing all over women’s body while making love; actually you don’t need to kiss all over every time but use gentle touches or kisses on the ear especially sucking on the back of ear may replace it.

Then kiss as much as possible provided both parties keep good personal hygiene; try to kiss each other all over including vulva introitus and clean anus sensually suck each other’s toes like babies drink milk which works excellently. Neither should say “No” while in bed and try to accommodate each other as much as possible when requests come up. Thirdly insert with your “heart” .

Men may find it strange to insert using his heart rather than penis during intercourse but inserting is not simple piston movement -you should feel women’s response using your heart with different speed intensity depth and positions then synchronize your passions with hers by feeling her emotions with yours. Fourthly sufficient postscript .
Many men snore like mud after finishing then turn their big butt away from the woman sleep off loudly; actually at this moment women still haven’t felt satisfied yet –the longer foreplay lasts ,the longer postscript should be too-. As long as you are not capable of sending both of you sound asleep constantly praise stroke her in all directions warmly –women value sweet words regardless real or false-. Women need steady tenderness they expect this situation continue-