People who are talkative in front of the opposite sex have more appeal to women!

A poor communicator, the good point is honest, but the bad point is taciturn. Actually, for both men and women, talkative people are often more attractive than taciturn ones to the opposite sex. But many men find it hard to come up with topics when they face girls they like. It’s not necessary to talk about interesting anecdotes or stories. When both sexes, men and women can talk about these three topics, women generally don’t resist.

Talk to women about the details of life and relationships, rather than making sexual innuendos.

Nowadays, there are many men who, when facing the women they like, tend to talk about topics with sexual innuendos. Although the purpose is very obvious, it gives a frivolous, unreliable and vulgar feeling. Most women nowadays are intellectuals; they have knowledge instinct and a bit of arrogance. For this type of woman, you can talk about non-sexual details about your life or feelings to gradually earn her trust so that you can slowly blend into her life.

2. Friends of the lady, pay attention to and comment on her WeChat Moments.

We modern people cannot live without WeChat, no matter happy or sad, we like to record them in our circle of friends. Therefore, if you have a good feeling about a girl, you can follow her circle of friends, be brave enough to make some comments, and interact with her more often. This way can help you to create a sense of intimacy, and even bring more surprises. In addition, you can also learn her hobbies from her circle of friends, so you can find more topics to chat.

Talk more about work.

In fact, most people work 365 days a year. So work is a good topic since we work 24 hours a day, aside from eating and sleeping. Worry or anxiety often comes from work. If you can talk to her often about work, help her solve problems at work, and relieve her depression, perhaps she will open her heart to you!