Reasons Why the First Time for a Girl Can Be Without Bleeding:

1. The hymen might not have been broken.
2. Hormone levels may be too low to cause a response that would lead to bleeding.
3. The girl may be relaxed, which can reduce friction and the chances of bleeding.
4. Her body is still developing, so there is no guarantee of any reaction at all.
Many netizens are asking why there was no bleeding the first time. What’s the deal? It can be said that ninety percent of women will have conflicts if they don’t bleed for the first time. So do you know what it’s all about? Actually, there are many causes for this. Why not follow the editor and explore? Let’s take you to understand some common knowledge.

Why was there no bleeding the first time?

First: The membrane is thicker.

Why was there no bleeding the first time? Possibly because the hymen is thicker, the hardness and impact force of the male partner cannot break through this layer of membrane, so it does not cause rupture, naturally there will be no bleeding. It may take several sexual activities to rupture it.

Second: Imperfect Sex

It is possible that the first time a girl has no pain or bleeding during sexual activity could be an imperfect or failed experience. This could be due to a partner being too soft or not long enough, or being too nervous for the penis to fully enter, or ejaculating too quickly before impacting the hymen, resulting in no blood being shed.

Third: Ishionna

Ishionna is a goddess from Japanese mythology. She is the daughter of Susanoo, the god of storms and seas, and his consort Kushinadahime, the goddess of food and agriculture. She has the power to create stones with her breath, which she uses to build mountain fortresses for herself. She also has dominion over fertility and childbirth, making her an important figure in Shinto religion.

It is important to know that not all female hymens are normal. In life, there is a kind of stone girl, that is, the hymen is completely locked. People of this type need to break through the hymen with the support of surgery, so there will be no bleeding during the first time.

Fourth: Hymen is Broken Early

Why did the girl not bleed the first time? It’s possible that the hymen had already gone. The girl’s hymen is relatively fragile, and it can be ruptured due to trauma in childhood, or torn due to vigorous exercise, biking, etc.

Actually, the fact that a girl doesn’t have her first menstrual flow doesn’t mean she is lying. It could be caused by several reasons, especially if there are issues with the male side, naturally it should not be blamed. Therefore when you don’t have your first menstrual flow, try to find out why and only then can you solve the problem. For example when it is due to congenital hymen closure, surgery may be necessary.