Secrets for Women to Enjoy Oral Climax! Necessary Techniques to Please Women

Kissing is not just a privilege of men. A good kissing session is an essential part of foreplay, so ladies, don’t be shy and enjoy the service! Here’s the secret to giving women pleasure through oral sex! The necessary skills for pleasing your partner must be known by both.

1. Tease: Women love sweet talk. For oral sex, many women feel embarrassed due to hair or smell, so sweet talk can help men encourage women and make them relax. Of course, women should also pay attention to hygiene beforehand or on a daily basis. Why not take a shower together before starting? This will help set the mood and ignite both partners’ desire.

Before oral sex starts, teasing behaviors can also be used to gradually advance the action in order. First caress her and then kiss her inner thighs. Gradually approach her vulva without actually touching it; even doing it over underwear can create pleasurable sensations. The slower you go, the more she wants it! Step by step tantalize her and she will enjoy it even more!

2. Lick: Focus your tongue’s activity on her clitoris. Most importantly, persistency is key here. Concentrate on warmly licking her clitoris as if this were the only thing you had to do. And all you need to do is keep licking; when she reaches climax, small tip – maintain the same rhythm throughout orgasmic state – whether she begins climaxing or not you still have to persist with licking which makes her feeling tingly and really enjoys it!

In terms of technique though, be careful with your teeth and learn how to use pressure correctly – while exploring use your tongue and lips flexibly but always maintain patience; more speed or force isn’t necessarily better – also use suction in addition to licking for extra sensation!

3. Fingers techniques: If you want hands-on assistance try rubbing around her vulva then gently brush past your fingers along its outside between her labia and thigh creases – then use circular motions as you delicately touch around its hood – again being careful not to directly contact it as it’s very sensitive area – once inside can move in and out but also try circling which helps stimulate G spot more easily thus increasing pleasure that leads towards orgasm!

Women’s physiology is much more complex than men’s so achieving climax is way harder for them therefore they should have courage to ask their partners what they desire equally; understanding each other mutual needs help leads towards beautiful sexual relationship eventually!