Seven sexual positions on the sofa for a passionate night!

Playing on the couch with your phone and suddenly feeling fired up yet not wanting to move away? Actually, there are many different ways to play on the sofa. Here are 7 different sex positions that you can try out on the sofa. Spice up your night without having to leave the comfort of your own couch! NO.1- VIP Style One person comfortably sits while being served with oral pleasure from their partner in a very VIP-style manner. We suggest that men should start off by giving a little “service” to their female partner, teasing her fire as they continue with foreplay. Don’t be too eager and rush for the satisfaction, be a warm and gentle man who satisfies his women before expecting her to take care of you quickly. NO.2- Cushion Style By adjusting to a suitable position, women would be able to rock their hips at angles no one has ever experienced before. If her flexibility is not enough for this, it is possible to find support from either tables or chairs nearby for a similar effect! NO.3- Armrest Style This position is basically similar to doggy style but with armrests or backrests that women can lean onto (if it’s wide enough they can even lie down). Men can also use small toys to give her some extra stimulation in this action. Women are able to use the armrests as leverage so they can push themselves into their partner while having control over speed and rhythm throughout the action. NO.4- Lateral Position Why call it lateral position? Because this movement combines both doggy style and side entry (with a bit of scissors style). Although this looks splendidly complex, all you need is just some slight changes in angle and motion so that women can turn slightly towards you while maintaining eye contact which adds more passion into your night!
NO 5 – Reverse Cowgirl Style This motion makes full use of the functionality of sofas since it was meant for sitting after all! Women can sit upon their partner’s lap while maintaining control over themselves as well as rubbing against sensitive areas (or vice versa) at the same time. Imagine looking at her beautiful curves from behind while also looking at her full of passion movements – hot stuff! NO 6 – Spooning Style With one leg hooked over the armrests, you will find that spooning style allows for deeper penetration and more stimulation on those sensitive areas; using lube helps too when finding the right entrance way into each other’s comfort zone. This wraps around embrace leaves them feeling protected and loved which increases intimacy even further! NO 7 – Armrest Doggy Style Women can straddle over armrests (holding onto backrest or pillows if needed), one foot standing on ground while another knee resting on couch; men stand behind receiving entrance from there instead. No introduction needed for this classic pose; men may hold onto her hips as they penetrate thus stimulating both inner depths and G spot more effectively! Lastly, if any props are used here it could make things greater by clamping them onto woman’s sensitive area making orgasm nonstop!