Share types and functions of adult products (adult supplies).

Adult Products (Adult Supplies) As the name implies, are auxiliary tools used by adults in accordance with legal permission and sexual needs to help them get sexual assistance. They not only can add fun to sex, improve the quality of lovemaking, but also bring health benefits to sexual health.

Adult products (Adult products) include BDSM supplies, lingerie, masturbation tools, marital health supplies, sex dolls, two sex supplies, delay spray, lubricant and so on.

Adult products (Adult products) are mainly divided into the following categories:

1. Tools: such as flying cups, vibrators, massagers, eggs, wearable toys and so on. Adult auxiliary sexual supplies to satisfy physiological needs for self-gratification to get release and satisfaction.

2. Fun category: such as sexy lingerie, scented perfume, fun toys etc. It is a product of combining visual stimulation or olfactory induction with sexual intercourse which is a product for satisfying spiritual needs after constant development of human society and improvement of material life.

3. Simulation category: such as sexual dolls, inverted molds of buttocks and realistic male organs etc. Its shape is almost indistinguishable from real human body or some organs of human body and it also have electric functions. According to user’s needs there are many choices in its size length function etc.

4. Sex Health Products Category: Such as Delay Spray climax gel etc., 1 male spray providing men with longer period of pleasure; 2 climax gel an exciting product used by women to help experience sexual pleasure and excitement;

5 Stimulation enhancement category: Such as glans ring groove crown ring(with elastic rings with protrusions stimulating objects fixed in glans ring crowns), penis sleeve (mostly made of silicone materials to ‘enlarge’ or ‘lengthen’ penis often with protruding stimulating objects)contraceptive sleeves with protruding nerve stimulants

These products have the purpose of increasing and strengthening stimulation of the vagina, thus making it easier for women to reach orgasm. Sixth are lubricants which are suitable for women with insufficient sexual arousal or after menopause. It can lubricate the vagina, reduce discomfort or even pain during sex. It is also suitable for women with lack of experience in sex and who are overly nervous and unable to achieve full arousal; it can make it easier for them to achieve orgasm.

Seven, Auxiliary Devices: Such as breast enhancement instrument, prostate massage device, vacuum therapy device, etc. to help one become accustomed to and adapt to penis insertion.