Six Essential Pieces of Love Knowledge to Make Your Sex Life More Harmonious

1. Open up the lines of communication. Talk openly and honestly about desires, needs, boundaries, and expectations.
2. Respect one another’s boundaries and individual differences. Recognize that we all have different needs and preferences in a relationship.
3. Practice self-awareness and self-care. Know yourself, your body, your likes, dislikes, and any triggers or issues you may have related to sex and intimacy.
4. Respect the importance of consent. Consent is the cornerstone of sexual relationships; it ensures that both partners are on the same page at all times.
5. Create an environment for pleasure and intimacy by setting aside time for connection without any other distractions or pressures present – no phones, tablets or laptops!
6. Keep learning! Educate yourselves through books, articles, websites or therapy sessions to stay informed on new techniques or just deepen your understanding of sex and relationships in general.
The most profound and difficult book in the world is woman, so sexual life is a process of reading, flipping through books, and finding joy in books. Don’t be too happy too soon. If you can’t read the book or flip it badly, this world’s most profound book will immediately close up and pinch you painfully. Today our topic is not how to understand women, but simply how to make sex more harmonious from the perspective of making love.

Sex Education Must-Have: 6 Sexual Knowledge Topics

The first time we don’t necessarily have to see blood.

This is an outdated and old-fashioned notion that a woman will have blood on her first night of sexual intercourse. This is not always true, as modern women who engage in sports, dances, entertainment groups, work and physical exertion often excel. Strenuous activities, especially those requiring splits such as one-legged standing or martial arts or dancing can easily lead to the tearing of the hymen, meaning that there is no longer a barrier for the preservation of first night’s blood. It is therefore very likely that there will be no blood when one has sex for the first time.

2. The foreplay is more important than the process.

Some young people cannot resist the temptation of sex and jump directly into a sexual mode, which can cause female disgust and affect the quality of sex life. Studies have found that the more foreplay there is, the higher the probability of climax. When women are aroused, they will have a feeling of swelling in their lower body and a lot of secretions from their vaginas to increase lubrication, making it easier for penis insertion. Therefore, foreplay should not be neglected before sexual intercourse.

Lubricant is indispensable.

Rationally using lubricants can make sex life more enjoyable. Lubricants can make the process of making love more comfortable and smooth. Try to choose organic silicon or water-based lubricants, because oil-based lubricants will damage rubber condoms, which may lead to contraceptive failure.

“Making love is not for the purpose of climax.”

The purpose of making love is not only to reach sexual climax, but also to explore each other’s body and enjoy the process during sexual life. Most people cannot reach orgasm during their first sexual experience, mainly because they have not done enough foreplay, and there is no mutual exploration of the beauty of each other’s body between lovers.

A man’s first night will often result in premature ejaculation.

Most men experience premature ejaculation during their first sexual encounter, mainly due to excessive tension or lack of sexual experience. Don’t worry, it is normal. With frequent sex and good coordination between spouses, couples can enjoy the pleasure that sex brings.

Believe in the love story movie, you have lost.

Many teenagers like to watch romantic action movies and also want to seek violent behaviors and high difficulty positions like those in adult movies, which will disappoint you. You can learn some simple sexual positions in your daily life, and couples can seek more new exciting experiences, which will bring unexpected results.