Six points to keep in mind for a high-quality sexual life in bed!

Sex is a beautiful thing, but not every sexual intercourse can reach a good result. Sometimes not only fails to reach the desired effect, but also destroys the emotional attachment of husband and wife, which requires husband and wife to communicate more during their sex life.

Therefore, pay attention to the following six points for high-quality sex life for married couples!

1. Keep the environment clean. Before having sex, make sure that bedding is clean and tidy. Sufficiently sized bed and relatively silent environment are essential for avoiding noise interference during sex.

2. Maintain a good mood. Before having sex, ensure you have a good mood without being disturbed by annoying things; otherwise, it will lead to hormonal disorder and affect one’s interest in sex life, hence reducing its quality.

3. Ensure sufficient foreplay. Enough foreplay is especially important for both parties: it can help female vaginas secrete fluids and aid male erection hardness enhancement. The best foreplay is stimulating the auditory sense, olfactory sense, tactile sense and vision with satisfactory effects; moreover, men should talk some sweet words with intimate breath contact as well as kiss and caress each other – do not take shortcuts nor rush into it because enough foreplay can guarantee better quality in sex life afterwards.

4. Sex intercourse should not last too long: it is recommended that duration for sex be kept within 10-20 minutes. If less than 7 minutes, both parties will feel unsatisfied; if longer time is spent on the process due to an overly vigorous exercise might leave men feeling exhausted or hard to recover from fatigue afterwards.

5 Embrace after finishing: cuddle each other for at least 10 minutes afterwards – this part is important yet many men overlook it; give each other some encouragement or praise after finishing followed by cleaning up of private parts or just sit there silently embracing each other could help strengthen relationship between lovers as well as maintain overall satisfaction over their intercourse experience..

6 Take contraception measures: taking proper contraception precaution will ensure both parties that they don’t need to worry about unprotected intercourse while enabling them to fully enjoy their time of pleasure together without fear of unwanted pregnancies; when ready to have children then they can fully indulge themselves in joyous sexual activities without any concerns whatsoever!