Six Secrets for Ensuring a High Quality of Life!

1. Find Your Purpose: Identify what makes you passionate and commit to achieving it.
2.Prioritize Self-Care: Make time to do the things that bring you joy and make you feel refreshed!
3.Stay Connected: Spend time with those who lift you up, challenge you, and bring out the best in you!
4.Invest in Relationships: Cultivate relationships that are meaningful and enriching for both parties.
5.Be Present: Focus on the now rather than worrying about what could have been or what may come in the future.
6.Develop Healthy Habits: Commit to healthy behaviors such as eating clean, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep!
Sex is a very beautiful thing, but not every act of intercourse can achieve great results. Sometimes sex not only fails to achieve good effects but also damages the feelings between husband and wife. This requires couples to communicate more during intercourse.

1. Keep the environment clean.

Before engaging in sexual activity, ensure that the bedding is clean and tidy. Suitable sized beds and environments with minimal noise are preferable to prevent any disruption during sex.

2. Keep a good mood

Before engaging in sexual activity, it is important to make sure that one is in a good mood with a calm and undistracted mind. Do not let any annoying matters disrupt your sex life, or else it can lead to endocrine disorders and affect one’s interest in sex, thus diminishing the quality of sexual experience.

Ensure enough foreplay.

It is very important for both sides to have enough foreplay, which can help female vagina secrete fluids and assist male in enhancing erection hardness.

The best foreplay is stimulating all the senses, such as auditory, olfactory, tactile and visual. Men should say more flirtatious words, have some intimate breath contacts, kiss and caress. Don’t take shortcuts in the preliminary period but don’t rush either. Only with enough foreplay can the quality of sexual life be guaranteed.

Sex should not last too long during the process.

It is suggested that the time of sexual intercourse be kept between 10-20 minutes. If the time of sexual intercourse is less than 7 minutes, both sides will feel unsatisfied; if the time is too long, men will feel tired and exhausted, and it will also make it difficult for them to recover their physical energy.

Afterwards, embrace for no less than 10 minutes.

Men tend to only care about the process of sexual activity, not the cuddling after, which is a common symptom. If there is no cuddling afterwards, it is very incomplete. Each time after sexual activity, you should give each other some encouragement or praise, and clean up their private parts for each other, or just hug together quietly, all of which can help to enhance the feelings between them.

Take precautionary measures for contraception.

If proper contraception measures are taken, both men and women can be free of worries in their sexual life, allowing them to have more relaxation and involvement. Contraceptive methods can include condoms and birth control pills. If a baby is desired, then couples can enjoy the pleasure of sex without restraint.