Some of the most romantic and exciting times for making love:

1. During a thunderstorm
2. On a starry night
3. Right after a tender kiss
4. At sunrise or sunset
5. Under the moonlight on the beach
What time is most suitable for making love?

Sex experts analyze the most romantic and exciting sexual times and places in daily life:

Before work: Nothing is more tantalizing than a “fast food” style of lovemaking before the morning meeting. Women wear skirts that are convenient for sex and save time.

Experts Analysis: A pleasurable sexual experience before work can help reduce stress, invigorate, and increase confidence. However, it is important to get enough rest before engaging in sexual activity, and foreplay can be omitted if necessary. Adequate time should also be reserved to avoid worrying about work.

Try spicing up your sex life by trying different locations and scenarios. Put on a hot mini skirt and enjoy the ride with your partner in the passenger seat.

Experts Analysis: There are two things that men like: adventure and sex. Combining these two together is having sex in a different place. Besides the car, you can also choose places like balconies, tents, etc.

In a romantic atmosphere, the husband lies on the ground first while the wife lies on him with her back facing him and enters from behind. The two of them enjoy the pleasure while gazing at the starry sky.

Expert analysis: The brilliant starry sky, fresh air, and attractive scenery will make people appreciate their loved ones more and increase their libido. At this time, it is important to protect privacy and sexual health.

Let’s bathe together: Naked and stimulating, relieving the pressure of the day. This indicates that sex is the best choice at this moment.

Expert Analysis: Taking a hot bath together can help people relax and stimulate sexual desire. However, pay attention that the water temperature should not be too high, preferably not more than 40℃, otherwise it will reduce skin sensitivity and increase the burden on the heart.

The lazy morning: This time period is the best for lovemaking.

Expert Analysis: Morning is the most “consonant” time period for male and female sexual desire. After a night’s rest, the secretion of sex hormones in men and women is vigorous, and their sexual desires are relatively strong. Especially for men, the penis will often have “morning erection” in the morning. After receiving sexual stimulation, it can be harder and more lasting, making men more confident in sex life and saving them more effort.

Saturday evening: After a full day of rest, the partner’s physical condition has recovered. 23% of readers chose to make love on Saturday night.

Experts Analysis: The busy work from 9 am to 5 pm makes couples exhausted and they don’t have time to enjoy their two-person world from Monday to Friday. Therefore, couples should make full use of the weekends to “concentrate” on their married life. With plenty of time and energy on weekends, couples can change styles and locations, add more foreplay, which will let you both enjoy yourselves endlessly.

On a stormy night: The rhythm of the rain and occasional thunder out the window can serve as a reference for the intensity of lovemaking. Best to dim the lights. Ignoring visual cues, touch becomes extremely sensitive.

Expert Analysis: On rainy days, people are more likely to have a desire for intimacy, and their feelings towards each other become closer. However, excessive stimulation of sex is not suitable for everyone. Having sex during thunderstorms may be startled by both sides when the thunder suddenly sounds, even leading to male ED, so it should be done in moderation.

Noontime bliss: Whether it’s a lunch break or a Sunday afternoon of leisure, mid-day intimacy always leaves an unforgettable impression. After some passionate kissing, everything just falls into place.

Expert analysis: 2-4 pm is the time when men pay the most attention to the opposite sex during the day. Italian research has also found that in the afternoon, male sperm quality is higher, sperm motility is faster, and is more likely to be fertilized. The time for noon sex should not be too long, it is best to be “quick sex”, and the overall time should be controlled within 20 minutes. In addition, if you want to have sex in the afternoon, it’s best not to eat too much at noon.