Stimulating and Healthy Oral Sex Techniques for Couples

Introduction: Generally, women would like their partners to reach orgasm during sex. After knowing the most sensitive parts of men, we need to figure out how to stimulate these body parts in order to make men yell in bed. Here are some oral sex techniques that we should master:

Hold his glans in your wet lips and slowly rotate around the back part of it (i.e. the soft groove previously mentioned). This doesn’t require much sexual skill but is very effective as it’s the most sensitive area of his genitals. Sucking continuously here can lead to strong pleasure.

The highest level of oral skills is to lick around the glans with the tongue and rotate it with the tip of the tongue, touching the grooves on the glans. Gently bite it with your teeth, which will make men feel numb.

Insert his rigid penis into your mouth, making sure that your lips are not too tight. Make a circular motion with your head, and as you go back and forth in circles, his penis will be turning and tumbling inside of your mouth and touching different parts. Be mindful to not hit it with your teeth. Move slowly but intentionally and avoid jerking it around. If done correctly, the man will be uncontrollably screaming out loud. If there is some slurping sound in addition, it will drive him wild.

Lie down or kneel in front of him, gently put his penis into your mouth and contract your oral cavity to create a vacuum, enough to draw him in. Your lips tightly wrap around his swollen glans and shaft, lightly using your tongue tip to tease the tip of his glans. Simultaneously start rocking your lips up and down. After a few minutes, switch to sucking under vacuum and repeat the action.

Run your tongue along the edge of his glans repeatedly. To effectively stimulate its tip, you can quickly and lightly lap it with your tongue, and tease the urethral opening with it. Some men are too sensitive there and this may make him moan involuntarily as he won’t be able to bear it.

During oral sex, you can use your hands to rhythmically rub his entire penis. It is fun to play with his testicles during oral sex. Some men enjoy it when you lick, suck and play with their testicles while giving them oral. However, take caution and be gentle as some men are very sensitive there and even the slightest stimulation can cause pain. You can start by licking his testicles and lightly squeezing them; if his testicles are firm and accepting of any stimulation then you can freely stimulate them!

On the back of the scrotum, there is a smooth, hairless area which feels like baby’s skin and it is very sensitive. Just lightly rub it or slowly lick it with your tongue and you can guarantee to drive him crazy.

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