Stories of “Sex” Around the World That Leave People Speechless

Sex is perhaps the oldest and most universal of human activities. However, customs and taboos related to sex vary widely from country to country and culture to culture. In this article, SexTalk brings you a selection of strange sexual curiosities from around the globe. Courtship with Fish: In a small village called Mehinaku in Brazil, men must have fishing skills if they want to court women. Whoever catches the biggest fish has a better chance of capturing the heart of his desired lady. Nicknames for Genitals: Native Hawaiians worshiped genitals and had traditional nicknames for their private parts. Not just royalty but even commoners would sing songs praising their “mysterious place” and how mischievous it can be during intercourse. Sex Holiday: To encourage couples to have more babies, the region of Russia declared September 12th as an official fertility holiday where people are encouraged to stay home and “make babies”. Couples who give birth nine months later will receive material rewards such as cameras, refrigerators or washing machines from local authorities. Proposing with Apples: In some rural areas of Austria, women clip apples pieces under their armpits while dancing then pass them on to the man they fancy at the gathering. If he’s interested in her, he bites into it. Trip Over Him: Amongst the Guajiro tribe in Colombia, young males and females take part in a special ritual dance where if a girl manages to trip over her beloved man during dancing she must then make love with him afterwards. The Danes Have Fun Most Often: According to research done by Spies Travel, Danes have sex most often when on vacation which explains why 10% of Danish babies are conceived on holidays booked through Spies Travel since 2014 – when this fact was discovered by them – with free baby equipments and services for three years plus holidays friendly for kids offered as reward. Greeks Do It Most Often: According to survey done by Durex on 30 thousand adults from 26 countries revealed that Greeks do it most often with an average number of 164 times per year – due weather, food or olives? Probably all three along with ancient traditions – after all ancient Greeks were well known for their openness and tolerance towards sexuality!