The Best Bedroom Tips to Make Women Weak: Did You Get It Right?

Most women have higher requirements for making love, although they don’t say anything during the process, the quality of sexual life is still very important to them. In their hearts, the quality of sex is related to the whole husband-wife relationship. So if the sexual life is not harmonious, it will affect the feelings between husband and wife. What are some of the techniques that can make your partner unable to resist and enjoy blissful dream during sex?

1. Touching a woman’s skin: You can take her shoulder or arm with one hand and use your thumb lightly touch her skin. This technique combines tender finger skill with tight grip, which will make women feel different pleasure. Men and women like different ways of touching. Women seem to be more sensitive to the force of touching. Usually they like light touches first, then gradually increase the intensity. Many people touch their spouses in their favorite way, but this may not be what they really need; therefore you need to find out their true needs (such as parts of body and intensity) in order to get better results.

2. Attack on sensitive area: Tighter grip on her sensitive area may make many women feel uncomfortable because it will give them intense feeling. Specific technique: Place your hand on her shoulder, back of neck, thighs, arms or hands and hold her tightly so she can feel your male power without injuring her at all. If you do it right, she will feel gentle and protected when being touched by you.

3. Back attack: You can sneak up from behind when she is not prepared and start touching her gently; initially she may jump or resist but when you slowly caress her she will go into state and enjoy deeply your tenderness. Through these sexual techniques we can reach our sexual ability climax together eventually .