The girl broke up with her boyfriend in an attempt to retain him, and sent her girlfriend’s inappropriate pictures to her classmates.

Introduction: Love is free and it can last a lifetime if two hearts are intertwined. If not, then it’s best to part ways amicably.

Incident: A few days ago, a young man named Xiaozhang was trying to win back his ex-girlfriend by sending her compromising photos to his classmates via SMS, hoping to convince her to get back together with him. Unsurprisingly, the woman chose to call the police instead.

A few days ago, the police station in Maigaoqiao received a report from a young woman named Xiaoyun that her former boyfriend Xiaozhang had refused to break up with her and had sent out compromising photos of her which had seriously affected her reputation. The police learned that one year ago, Xiaoyun and Xiaozhang began their romantic relationship, but both sets of parents disapproved of them being together. Before the Chinese New Year celebration, Xiaoyun discovered that Xiaozhang had developed feelings for someone else so she asked him to break up with her immediately. However, he refused and threatened her that she would have to pay the price if she insisted on breaking up with him.

During the Chinese New Year period, Xiaoyun heard from several classmates that Xiaozhanghad sent out compromising photos of hers through an SMS message. She called him in an attempt to ask him to delete those photos but he ignored her request and demanded they get back together instead. Left without any other choices, she decided to call the police for help. When confronted by the police officers, Xiaozhang admitted sending out his ex-girlfriend’s compromising photos via SMS messages. “I didn’t want us to break up but both our parents disapproved of our relationship so I resortedto this,” he said. “Relationships should be free and so should breakups – how can you use something like this as leverage?” After receiving criticism from the officers, he admitted his mistake and deleted all of those photos immediately afterwards.

After mediation by the police officers was completed, Xiaoyun forgave Xiao Zhang for sending out those compromisingphotos of hers once againand considering his crime was minorand he ceased such activities upon reprimand by law enforcement officers, no further actions were taken against him other than having been given advice by them. The officers warned people who commit similar acts that such behavior violates China’s Law on Public Security Administration Punishments and they could potentially face criminal charges if their actions are severe enough; victims should also hold onto relevant evidence and contact police right away when facing such incidents; people who are dating should protect their privacy wisely; handle relationship disputes rationally; or resorting publicizing personal secrets as leverage is illegal under law as well