The happiest way for couples to get along is: Love coexists with arguments.

There are many girls who have been poisoned by soap operas, thinking that love at first sight is true love. The prince always comes unexpectedly and he’s perfect in every way: he has the height and looks you want, is considerate everywhere, and gentle in everything. How many people have this misconception-that true love is grand romanticism on holidays: only when they kneel down in public, offer diamonds or luxury cars can it be called real love?

However, love is more than just a moment of excitement; it’s long-term romance and chaotic living that is the real version of it. Conflict resolution is the best way to face up to contradictions. Two people from different backgrounds can never be the same despite how compatible they may seem. How many people endure it just to keep appearances pleasant? But that uneasiness in our hearts will not go away simply because we tolerate it. Couples who don’t fight often find themselves splitting apart during even small arguments. Thus what we pursue shouldn’t be an absence of clashes but rather a reasonable addressing of them. There should be conflicts in true love–both happiness and pain coexist in it.

Speaking of fights, how many people know how to fight properly? Some take after their idols in dramas where they get emotional with accusations right away no matter what the disagreement is or who is right or wrong, expecting the other person to lower their heads and apologize without fail. Others make sure there is a winner and loser for every argument, even for things as minor as dirty socks; when their closest loved one takes off their armor, they aim at their weakest point: “You’re fatherless,” “You’re an infertile hen.”

In reality few people can address matters objectively; fewer still can refrain from rehashing old quarrels. From messy socks to lifestyle habits and from lifestyle habits to uselessness–when you get too engrossed in the argument you forget why you