The most embarrassing experience of my first time with my boyfriend was that it was too painful for me to go in.

As people become more open about sex between men and women, it’s now common for young people to be intimate in their relationships. Sex is a natural physiological need for vigorous young couples, just like eating and sleeping. Girls who have not experienced sex before are naturally curious about their first time, and want to know what the experience would be like. This article collects detailed accounts from female netizens and boyfriends on their first time having sex. Let’s take a look.

1. When Out On A Vacation
We had been together for a couple of months when we decided to go on vacation together in Changsha during the new year holiday. On the first night of our trip, we finally had our first sexual experience. I remember after we had finished showering, we changed into our pajamas and lay down on the bed under the blanket while watching TV. I was trying to act calm while changing channels but my heart was racing; I can’t remember if we were watching variety shows or dramas at that moment. I leaned towards him and placed my head on his shoulder, then he suddenly leaned down and kissed me. My ears and face felt hot; afterwards, we hugged and kissed until things naturally happened after that. Although both of us were virgins, we had some knowledge beforehand so there wasn’t too much difficulty but it only lasted two or three minutes due to inexperience. After that first time though, we got more comfortable with each other as we did it two more times afterwards.

2. Meeting A Nearby Friend Online
I met a “nearby friend” through WeChat messages which eventually led to us establishing our relationship status as boyfriend-girlfriend; he was really gentle and considerate even though our homes were quite far apart from each other in the same city. One night, since it was too late for me to head back home, I stayed over at his place – although it wasn’t allowed – but he kept embracing me tightly throughout the night so that our bodies were close together all the time before leading up to us kissing until things naturally progressed from there onwards afterwards; he was 183cm tall whereas I was 156cm so it felt really awkward during our first time as inexperienced virgins but despite trying twice unsuccessfully at entering me due to how sensitive I was feeling, tears started streaming down my face when he eventually managed penetrate me on his third attempt – the pain felt like being cut by a knife with each thrust feeling extremely painful yet pleasurable at the same time; like pushing out excrement out of one’s body at once even though nothing actually came out of course! It didn’t feel very pleasurable during those few times but after a few days passed by where we did it one or two more times again later on, it felt much better already with pleasure slowly being experienced within these moments instead!

3. Staying In A Cheap Motel
It was summer 2010 when I was still studying in university where my then-boyfriend spent 88 yuan (around USD 12) renting a room in a small motel for us to have sex for the first time – which felt like being drilled by an electric drill due to how sensitive I was feeling combined with feelings of pain yet joy simultaneously as this person whom I truly loved deeply filled my mind with nothing else except romantic fantasies; thinking that if giving him my virginity will make us stay together forever unfortunately ended up wrong as he broke up with me right after having sex with him! After breaking up