The role of women in a heterosexual relationship is also very important and cannot be overlooked.

If we say that in sexual intercourse, men take the lead with their skillful maneuvers, then women must master the art of teasing. The perfect combination between the two will enable them to enjoy a perfect experience from sex. However, in reality most women are passive or even like a piece of wood, letting men do whatever they want. This kind of sex not only makes men feel bored and dull but also deprives women of experiencing the beauty of it. Therefore, women should also learn many teasing techniques in terms of sex:

1. Changing roles: Many people feel confused about this aspect; it doesn’t mean literally changing roles from man to woman and vice versa. Instead, try creating different scenarios to add interest such as nurse uniform, flight attendants outfit, student costumes etc. Try out a costume seduction, and you’ll be surprised at the result! Also you can switch up who takes the active role; if usually the man does so then let her take charge during this session and control the whole process.

2. Pre-flexible props: Many tend to overlook the importance of foreplay and even more so the props used for it. In fact those are very important; arranging foreplay naturally brings both parties in harmony with each other. Change bright light bulbs to dim yellowish ones; play your own Love song; light some incense candles; create a beautiful environment together with some games that uncover his innermost fantasies – it all comes together very easily!

3. Teasing erogenous zone: Don’t think only women have an erogenous zone; men do too! Stimulating this area inspires excitement for him. It is not necessarily about his sexiest place but rather his sensitive one – for example some women are more sensitive around their neck and shoulders than other places so that would be her erogenous zone instead! Find his erogenous zone and lightly caress it then tease it with your lips; no man will be able to resist that!

4. Fun games: Don’t view sexual intercourse simply as something just for physiological needs; it should bring you spiritual pleasure too! Little fun games can often work wonders when trying to tease your man. Among all those games taking off clothes show is one that tests his endurance most – nothing is more tempting than seeing a woman slowly stripping her clothes off in front of him until he loses all ability to think!
5. Hair play: Hair is probably where femininity lies through its expressions yet many ignore or don’t know how to use hair during sex correctly but those who do often show immense charm when doing so both on themselves or on their partner’s hair – stroking one’s hair gently implies sexual implication while stroking partner’s hair on their leg can be seen as an invitation for lovemaking .
Therefore learning certain teasing techniques with regard to sex is essential as this increases relationship intimacy between couples as well making your sex life more harmonious , stimulating , soulful and orgasmic . Apply these teasing skills above by changing your dull sexual life into an ignited passion !