There are 7 techniques for harmonious relationships between two sexes. They are:

1. Respect each other: Respect enables us to understand the feelings of another person and accept them for who they are.
2. Communicate openly: Open communication encourages understanding and shows a willingness to resolve issues.
3. Compromise: Compromising allows both parties to find a solution that satisfies both their needs.
4. Show appreciation: Demonstrating appreciation helps to build trust, encourages mutual understanding and strengthens relationships.
5. Be honest: Being honest builds trust and respect, while also allowing each partner to express their true feelings without fear of criticism or judgement.
6. Give space: Having enough space in a relationship is important in order to maintain harmony and balance between partners.
7. Listen actively: Listening actively involves being attentive and not just hearing what the other person has to say, but understanding it as well.
Two people chose to be together because of their love for each other. In order for the two to coexist harmoniously, certain skills and techniques must be applied. Here are 7 tips for two sexes to coexist harmoniously; you should master them:
1. Don’t try to change the other party. After two people get together, some people always want the other party to live according to their own habits, or hope that the other party will change into what they want in their hearts. The fact that they can walk together is because they like some qualities of the other person. If you change the other person into the one you have in your mind, is he still the one you originally liked? Moreover, their living habits were formed during the last twenty or thirty years before they met each other. How can it be changed so easily? Therefore, don’t try to change others; once there is a thought of changing them, harmony between them will be lost.
2. Don’t mention break-up all of a sudden Mentioning break-up as soon as conflicts occur is a big taboo when two people are together; mentioning break-up all of a sudden will hurt both parties’ feelings most severely. It takes thousands of years for two persons with their affinity for each other to sleep on the same pillow; cherish this fate when two persons can walk together! Don’t mention break-up before thinking things through carefully; once said words cannot be taken back again “What’s said was spilled”. Even if both parties keep staying together afterwards, there may still be lingering concerns between them which make them lose initial harmony.
3 Appreciate what you have Attraction between two people lies in certain aspects that make you appreciate about others. Affection for someone originates from appreciating certain qualities within him or her; after getting together with him or her learn how to amplify those aspects which make you appreciate about your partner while being with him or her. The more appreciation you have towards your partner, the more likely he or she will do something that makes you appreciate him/her and thus further enhances harmony between both parties..
4 Have telepathy Telepathy between both parties is at its best when they are together; whatever either wants and however makes them feel comfortable.. It takes frequent communication between both sides in order for telepathy among both parties become effective; express whatever needs either party has openly so that communication keeps going smoothly and telepathy gets higher and higher then eventually leading to greater harmony among both sides…
5 Have a sense of humor A sense of humor is like a warm breeze coming into cold winter days making any kind great life event seem lighthearted… Life itself presents various kinds of troubles no matter where we go; similarly two persons being together may experience various unfortunate incidents happening within either side’s lives too but having sense humor lighten up these worries respectively… Learn how tease life instead staying serious over every little thing without blaming each part nor trying looking away from yourself first… Then deal with whatever issue happens after warmly teasing rather than right away start pointing fingers at either side which would create disharmony eventually…
6 Understand and forgive Being understanding towards others always make us feel special and comfortable … Thus understanding each other becomes highly important while getting along with opposite sex… Try placing yourself on opposite side’s shoes by attempting think from his/hers perspective then understand his/her issues instantly thereby able forgive easily afterwards.. Forgiving one another also serves as forgiving ourselves since only through mutual understanding true harmony among us could ever exist ..
7 Trust is basic Trust serves as fundamental keystone when it comes walking together therefore lack trust completely defeats purpose being together.. Once suspicion starts arising one won’t stop anymore until whole relationship falls apart destroying all chances initial harmony existing any longer… Thus don’t let such suspicions arise easily against each another .. In conclusion Harmony among different sexes requires effort and mastering necessary techniques mentioned above if wish remain happily ever after!