Three Personality Techniques for Experiencing Pleasure in Love-Making

1. Get to know yourself and what makes you feel sexy. This can be anything from a type of outfit, a certain hairstyle, or even jewelry. By discovering what makes you feel attractive, you can share this with your partner and enjoy enhanced pleasure during love-making.

2. Communicate openly with your partner. Talk about what you both enjoy and make sure each partner’s needs are being met. Don’t be afraid to talk about fantasies or ask questions if there is something that’s unclear; both partners should feel comfortable voicing their feelings and desires in order to have the most pleasurable experience possible.

3. Experiment with different positions, techniques, and even locations to add variety to your love-making sessions. Even small changes such as varying the speed or changing the angle of penetration can result in a completely new experience for both of you!
Sex life is an important aspect of married life. A harmonious sex life not only satisfies both parties’ sexual desire, but also keeps them mentally and physically healthy. An unsatisfying sex life can easily lead to divorce.

I. Harmonious Sexual Life

In order to make sexual life harmonious, both husband and wife should understand basic knowledge of sex, especially the normal differences between male and female functions. Otherwise, husband and wife cannot cooperate tacitly. In summary, there are the following differences in male and female functions:

Men have a strong and vigorous sex drive which can cause sexual arousal at any time; women’s sex drive is relatively weak, and is related to menstrual cycle (generally higher before ovulation and during the premenstrual period). A few women have weak or even no sex drive before marriage, but it gradually increases after marriage as they engage in sexual activities.

Male sexual impulse appears quickly, entering into a climax of pleasure rapidly, and sex drive also fades away quickly. Generally speaking, it takes about 2-6 minutes (or 3-15 minutes), for normal males from the start of sex to ejaculation. Female sexual impulse occurs more slowly, usually taking 10-30 minutes (or 5-15 minutes) to reach a climax of pleasure. The climax can be sustained for a long period and the sex drive fades away slowly.

Male sexual desire is easily focused on sexual organs and has a very high desire; female sexual desire is more extensive and complex, including talking, warmth, caress and other aspects. After reaching a certain level of excitement, there is a requirement for sexual intercourse. The ideal sexual life is that both parties reach climax at the same time or let the female reach climax first and then ejaculate by male. After female reaches climax, it does not affect the continuation of sexual intercourse; moreover, unlike men, women can quickly regain pleasure in a short period of time (the degree of sexual pleasure varies from person to person. For the same person, the degree of pleasure in each sexual life is also different).

II. Frequency of Sexual Activity

每月1-2次: Monthly 1-2 times

每周3-4次: Weekly 3-4 times

每日5-7次: Daily 5-7 times

How many times is appropriate for sexual intercourse? This is a hard question to answer. Everyone’s libido is different and even the same person is affected by many factors including age, physical strength, personality, profession, climate, environment, mood etc. Therefore, the frequency of sexual life cannot be mechanically determined and should be adjusted according to the particular situation of both sides. During the honeymoon period, the libido is stronger and the frequency of sex is more frequent. In the first few months after marriage, it’s generally 2-3 times per week. With age increasing, it gradually decreases to 1-2 times a week. People with poorer health have fewer times. When couples who have been apart for a long time reunite, sexual intercourse tends to be more frequent which is normal but should also be moderated appropriately.

Whether sexual life is moderate or not can be judged by the feeling of intercourse on the next day. If both parties do not feel tired but feel full of affection, work hard, it indicates that sexual life is moderate. If there are symptoms such as poor sperm quality, dizziness and nausea, it means that it is excessive and should be restrained. For some couples with strong sexual desire who often have intercourse but still remain refreshed and energetic, it should also be considered appropriate.

Third, Sexual Intercourse Time

Sexual intercourse is a normal and healthy part of the relationship between a couple. To ensure both partners experience pleasurable sexual encounters, it is important to set aside time to be intimate with one another. Scheduling time for sex can help create a stronger connection and provide an opportunity to relax together in an intimate setting. When done with respect and sensitivity, regularly having sexual intercourse can be a great way to strengthen the bond between two people.

The most appropriate time for intercourse is best before bedtime in the evening, so that rest and recovery of physical strength can be achieved afterwards. Sometimes the man has a heavy workload during the day and feels tired, it is best to take a short nap before sexual intercourse to avoid premature ejaculation.

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