Three sexual positions that make a young girl “drool”:

1. The Cowgirl: She straddles him and sets the pace.
2. The Reverse Cowgirl: He lies on his back while she takes charge of the motion.
3. The Missionary Position: This classic position provides extra intimacy and closeness, perfect for stimulating her G-spot.
Many people lack an understanding of sexual life between couples. Some think that just going straight to it is the best solution. In fact, sex not only requires foreplay but also mastering sexual poses. After adequate foreplay, sexual poses are the key to great quality sex. So how can you make your girl’s “little sister” watery? Why not learn some of these poses? The first one is the Riding Style. Most people choose this sexual pose when they want a climax because it allows men to see the front side of women and also gives them more control. This pose is commonly referred to as woman on top, where men lay flat on their backs while women support themselves with their arms and sit on top of their partner as they enter him. The second one is Neck-binding Style. This pose is favored by many men and goes like this: Women lay flat on the bed, raising their legs directly in the air and men will hug her legs around his neck as he enters her from below. This pose allows for deeper penetration and makes it more stimulating for women. The third one is Sideways Style which could also make women watery: Women lie sideways with their back facing or face-to-face with men entering them from behind or from the front respectively. While lying sideways allows for stimulation, we suggest that smaller size members don’t use this pose.

Mastering different sexual poses can certainly take couples’ sex life to perfect level; sex should be enjoyed instead of ending right after two minutes at start; it isn’t even better than doing it yourself sometimes! If you want your girl dripping in pleasure under your hips, then learning aforementioned poses will surely be beneficial to your sex life in its fundamentals!