Three Techniques of Couples’ Sex to Make You Go Deeper and Feel More Pleasure

1. Slow Down: Taking the time to enjoy each other’s body, instead of rushing through different positions, can greatly increase the pleasure both partners feel. Pay attention to subtle touches or movements that your partner enjoys, and take the time to explore each other in a relaxed and comfortable way.

2. Communication: Discussing sexual desires or fantasies can help couples connect on a deeper level and make sex even more enjoyable. Making sure you’re on the same page can help reduce misunderstandings and dissatisfaction.

3. Variety: Trying different types of stimulation or switching up positions can be a great way to spice things up, heightening pleasure for both partners. Keeping an open-mind will help make sex even more exciting!
The quality of our sexual experience is determined by both sides’ sexual skills. Good sexual techniques can make both sides have a stronger pleasure and reach the peak more easily. So, want to experience perfect sexual pleasure? Why not learn these few sex skills? They will let you go deeper into your partner’s forbidden zone and make you feel more pleasurable. Come on, let’s learn them. The first type: snuggling sitting First of all, the man sits directly on the edge of the bed while the woman faces him and sits on his thigh. In fact, this posture is mainly controlled by women. The intensity and depth are all controlled by women. Women friends will slowly lead your “little brother” into a deeper forbidden zone. The second type: back-riding position First of all, the man lies flatly while the woman directly enters it with her back facing him. Women can put their hands directly on the man’s thighs or be supported by the man’s hands. At this time, men will see their partners crazy twist hips, see chest shaking here and there, men are visual animals, if there is a mirror in front of them, male libido will instantly soar. And this posture can make “little brother” deeper, so that women’s pleasure will be more intense. The third type: hip high head low posture Which sex skill is more penetrating? You can choose to use hip high head low posture. First of all, women face down and lay on the bed with their hips up high. This posture can be said to be one of the deepest among all sexual postures. Most women can not bear it because it is too deep,but they often feel comfortable again and again,but they are also easy to hurt,so it is recommended to alternate between deep and shallow depths。In fact,the quality of sex,whether female pleasure or not,completely depends on how deeply men enter,the deeper they enter ,the more they can stimulate female pleasure and make them feel sexual peak pleasure easily。Therefore,if you want to have quality sex life,why not try these sex skills? But one posture can conquer her instantly!