Three things women do to make their man love them to the core:

1. Show him respect.
2. Appreciate him for his efforts and accomplishments.
3. Show genuine interest in his passions and interests.
In a relationship or in a marriage, there are many women who always complain that when they are with men, they are very passionate to them. However, as time passes by, they may not care about themselves so much anymore and always become very busy, even the time for the two to meet each other will become less and less. The feelings for themselves may become weaker and weaker. To maintain a relationship takes wisdom and no matter how much you put in and show your obedience, it will not increase the love of this man to you nor return anything to you.

You must figure out what he really wants and know how to grasp his needs so that you can give him what he likes most and make him love you more. To be an attractive woman, firstly, you need to be tough on yourself in terms of clothing and makeup- change your dressing style from time to time so that he can have a fresh feel when looking at you; dress yourself up nicely and delicately which makes him look at you more unconsciously. Secondly, take good care of yourself especially your skin – Time is truly terrible: with its passing by, your beautiful face will start fading away as well as your body shape getting worse; although we cannot keep time staying still forever but we can make ourselves look better; if we want to be treated gently by time then we need to pay attention on our health such as doing sports often, having a healthy diet etc., only when you do this hard on yourself then he would love you more. Thirdly, be tough at work – don’t devote all your energy into the family which makes it easy for us losing connection with the society without any knowledge; once he leaves away then nothing belongs to us; even an ordinary woman should have her own pursuits in life with sense of ceremony; If we just leave everything up to fate like this then life wouldn’t treat us gently either but give us huge pain; If we want something done then there is no way unless working hard on ourselves firstly.

Therefore, if one wants to be an attractive woman who can be treated gently by time and let others love her more deeply then she needs start being tough on herself from now on- dress up neatly with delicate makeup; take good care of her skin healthily through sports and dieting;and work hard so that she can gain her own value rather than treating the man like a cash machine!