To ensure the high-quality life you desire, make sure to do these six things!

Sex life is a wonderful thing, but not every time of intercourse can reach the effect of good. Sometimes sexual intercourse not only fails to achieve good results, but also destroys the feelings between couples. This requires couples to communicate more during intercourse.

1. Keep the environment clean. Before sex, make sure that bedding is clean and tidy, which is the main prerequisite for sexual intercourse. Try to choose a suitable size bed and a quiet environment without noise so as not to be disturbed by noise during sexual intercourse.

2. Keep in good mood. Before having sex, let yourself keep in a good mood, calm down and free from distracting thoughts; otherwise it will cause endocrine disorder, affect interest in sex life and thus affect the quality of sex life.

3. Ensure sufficient foreplay. Adequate foreplay is very important for both parties, which can help female vagina secrete and help men increase erection hardness. The best foreplay is satisfactory auditory, olfactory, tactile and visual stimulation; men should talk more flirtatious words have some intimate breath contact kiss touch etc., do not cut corners in advance or hurry too much; only enough foreplay can guarantee the quality of sexual life .

4. Do not stay too long during sex life process. It is suggested that sexual intercourse should last for 10-20 minutes. If it lasts less than 7 minutes, both men and women will feel unsatisfied; if it lasts too long, men will feel tired and exhausted with difficulty in recovery .

5.Cuddle for no less than 10 minutes after sex . It’s man’s common problem to care only about the process of sexual life but not care about attachment afterwards ,which is very incomplete . Every time after sexual life , they should give each other some encouragement or praise , clean up each other’s private parts or just cuddle quietly together , all these contribute to their mutual affection .

6.Take measures against contraception . If you take measures against contraception , both men and women can be free from worries about post-sexual consequences , so they can relax more and devote themselves totally into it . Methods for contraception include condoms and contraceptive drugs ; if you decide to have babies then enjoy the pleasure of sex freely .