Under what circumstances would a girl have an unexpected intimate behavior with you?

Whenever we go on dates, we want to move the relationship with the girl forward and the most obvious manifestation of this is intimate behaviour. Therefore, guys hope to hold hands, hug and kiss girls, otherwise from a guy’s perspective, the date will be dull and flavourless.

What circumstances are girls willing to have an intimate encounter with you? A typical wrong answer would be when the girl likes you. In other words, this question is like a chicken or egg conundrum; does she like you first before engaging in such activities or does she only become sure once they have happened? A lot of people take this route: they must get her to like them during the date then follow up with intimate behaviours. In reality however, it is very unlikely that a girl can decide if she likes you within one date.

The real right answer is feeling it. Girls pay attention to feelings and once there is one present she will naturally engage in intimate activities. This feeling comes from all aspects – your preparation for the date, your external appearance/grooming, your choice of dating venue, atmosphere etc as well as how you interact with her – all come together to create an overall theatrical setting which amplifies her feelings towards you. Once she feels it, what follows is “involuntary reactions” which lead to intimacy and solidify her intellectual decision that she does indeed like you. Girls really rely on feelings for everything.

A lot of people think that making a girl happy equals having a feeling between them right? Making a girl smile and laugh makes people think they have established a connection but compared with guys who can make girls laugh effortlessly (think Yuen Biao, Guo Degang or talk show hosts), are they even close enough for her to stick around after laughing? So laughter is just one of many feelings being considered.

Having feeling leads everything else naturally occurring.