What are the most seductive things to say when rolling in the sheets with someone?

During the sexual intercourse, as the process progresses, the content and manner of speaking should also change. During foreplay, one can talk about some light-hearted and enjoyable things. The ideal conversation content should have both sexual color and daily life atmosphere, such as humorous stories or jokes about sex.

After entering the substantial stage of love, the amount of talking should be relatively less but the depth should be increased, that is to say, it needs to get close to both sides’ feelings and sexual behavior. Generally speaking, women love to hear sweet talk from men while men prefer praises on their physical characteristics. Someone said that men are conquered by strength while women are easily won over by language. When climax is near, women can encourage him with intermittent moans and occasional compliments. Some men may talk dirty but it should always be in moderation.

After sexual intercourse, both partners should exchange more words than before, which should be a bit more specific. For example, you can simply ask each other about their sexual feelings. Men should not go to sleep right after sex. Moderate emotional communication can put a perfect period on the sex.

Being too conservative and afraid of not being able to hold his love for sex. At this moment, the implication preserves a woman’s gentleness but also allows your desire an unrestricted passage. Physically and psychologically, sex always brings great benefits. But men are often confused and don’t understand what is needed, never giving him a clear demand, but rather an indirect request to scratch one’s heart.

“No, don’t!”

Misunderstanding: She doesn’t like it and she isn’t willing.

Truth: Don’t stop, I’m enjoying it!

Classic wordplay spoken in a gentle and slightly comical tone, pushing away with softness – this phrase is something only a fool would take at face value. It is said that when a woman says “no,” it often means the opposite of what she says, although not necessarily. In moments like these, however, it is evidently true.

Even if it’s true, a man’s persistence can still turn things around; women have never been able to resist a man’s gentle tyranny. This kind of dramatic ploy has been tried time and time again in love dramas, yet many men don’t bother to learn or even try it, leaving them scratching their heads in confusion.

Do not believe it? Men can try to stop and the results will be seen immediately. Men restrain their surging desires while women become even more eager to bite him out of resentment. Unnamed fire is burning ferociously in the unspoken atmosphere. However, men are like a dumb person taking the Chinese herb Coptis chinensis, especially bitter.

Part II: “Please! I’m weakening!”

She was in too much pain, I was too strong and she couldn’t take it anymore as she had climaxed.

Truth: My climax is coming, darling, put in more effort, you are the best!

The moment of a woman’s climax often comes out spontaneously, with an entranced and complicated expression of love and hate. The infinite wonders of her body are so incredible that it is breathtaking. That profound, sweet feeling that can not be controlled is really rare in life. If a man is lucky enough to witness such struggles, he should never foolishly spoil her. Sometimes a man’s gentleness will make her furious.

Third, “I love you!”

Misunderstanding: Declaration of Love.

Truth: I’m yours, and I want you. Please, keep going…

This phrase has topped the list of many surveys on what women love to hear, clearly a favorite among women. When uttered by a man, it must be in an intensely emotional moment and women are especially emotionally charged at those times. The body responds directly with a surge of desire, longing for intimacy. The gentle kindness of a man will surely make her collapse into infinite emotions and his passion can run wild at that moment.

“Should we talk while making love?” – It is like asking: “Should we make noise while enjoying a delicious meal?”

I once heard a rather interesting true story from a friend. She said that every time she made love with her boyfriend, it was like performing a lively radio drama. Even though the actions and poses were pretty much the same each time, the brilliance was in how these two lovemaking geniuses always had completely different narrations for their performances. Today might be a “Flash Killer” style of sadistic torturing; tomorrow might be 180 degrees turned into the implicit tenderness of “Chinese Style”, all without a script and improvised according to their understanding. That’s pretty daring!

The first situation: I guess silence is golden, huh?

Unless you are certain that your words will have a warming effect, a glance of eyes would be enough when the atmosphere is just right or the temperature is just warm.

If it’s the first time for two people: Unless you are already familiar with each other’s likes and understand his character well, saying something that the other party may not be used to may make the situation awkward even if you just want to lighten it up.

If you have bad breath or have just eaten garlic: I suggest you brush your teeth first! If it is really not possible to change the situation due to real factors, of course you should keep your mouth shut, otherwise, your partner will have to hold their breath until their face turns white, and for sure won’t dare to be with you next time.

Don’t keep it to yourself… It’ll hurt inside.

Love should be expressed in words: if the more you do, the more you love, who says you have to keep it in? While doing things say “I find I’m falling in love with you more and more, because I really enjoy making love with you…” Isn’t that a way to take your relationship to a higher level?

When feeling great: you can say “Ahh… so comfortable…” or “Wow! I’m about to pass out…” and other compliments. Don’t hold back, so that the other person can understand what you need.

Don’t be hard on yourself when it hurts. Express your true feelings so that he can be gentler or let him know what kind of posture you don’t like and how the quality of love is interactive. You definitely have the right to speak.

Should you talk while making love? It depends on the situation and use your judgment. No matter what, remember — say more sweet words and less reprimands!