What changes will a woman’s body and physiology experience after pregnancy?

For women who are trying to conceive, they would definitely want to know if conception is successful in the shortest time possible, that is, if fertilization has been achieved. Usually we can use a pregnancy test after the menstrual delay, but it is more difficult to judge if the menstrual cycle is not accurate. In fact, besides judging from the menstrual cycle, we can also judge from other aspects, because some changes will occur in the body of a woman after fertilization, which is also a reminder from her body. Women can feel it by themselves. What kind of feeling will women have after fertilization? Let’s take a look together.

1. The breasts become soft: After pregnancy, women may experience stabbing pain, softness and swelling in their breasts, so don’t worry too much when this happens and first check if you are pregnant. After your body adjusts to the large amount of hormones it will subside and your breasts will no longer feel uncomfortable.

2. Darkening of nipple color: How about your nipples? If you have noticed that your areola has darkened or that there are blue and pink lines on your breasts then it shouldn’t be just imagined by you. These are all symptoms of pregnancy.

3. Constant urge to go to the toilet: The number of times going to the toilet will obviously increase after pregnancy due to the secretion of chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) by the fertilized egg after implantation in the uterine wall. If you have had enough of getting up at night for a trip to the bathroom then don’t worry, just consider this as training since before you even realize it your little one will be crying for hunger during midnight hours.

4. Bleeding and cramps: During eight days after sperm attachment you may experience a light pink or brown spot with accompanying cramps – but don’t mistake this for your period as this is simply an outcome of implanted egg into uterine lining .

5. Feeling exhausted: Are you suddenly feeling tired now even though you’ve always been full of energy? The excessive secretion of progesterone makes people feel completely drained out . Almost all pregnant women suffer from this symptom so look out for other signs to confirm your suspicion .