What does a woman feel when a man ejaculates? What should a woman do when a man ejaculates?

In married life, it is important for both parties to have a pleasant experience and feeling. Only when both husband and wife have a pleasant sexual experience, their marriage life can be harmonious. Thus, when a man ejaculates, will the woman feel something? What should a woman do when a man ejaculates?
Women can feel the man ejaculate when one of two conditions is satisfied – either the amount is large or the man has stopped motion. Below are testimonies from netizens:
Netizen 1: I can feel my husband’s little brother getting excited, becoming thick and hard, then speeding up. It shoots out with movements like arching.
Netizen 2: I didn’t feel anything, he told me that he shot inside me but I asked him why I couldn’t feel anything and he said it was because there wasn’t much volume in his semen so it’s true. Unless there was really a lot of volume it would be really hard to feel anything at all.
Netizen 3: He said that he just couldn’t help but wanted to shoot inside me and honestly speaking I could sense a hot flow coming out which stimulated my sensitive vaginal wall and even when he took it out my body trembled afterwards followed by another hot flow coming out.
Netizen 4: You can sense something when you shoot inside her, and often times that moment is the most comfortable one. That feeling is like pouring beans onto your feet, it’s an amazing description wouldn’t you say?
Netizen 5: There’s something that you can sense, like little tremors happening inside her as well as sometimes she can reach climax through stimulation but many times we reach climax together.
Netizen 6: When reaching orgasm possibly both parties are at their peak of climax; his movements are especially fierce while I hold onto the bed sheet with both hands tightly trembling continuously; when he reaches orgasm I could sense it too with my loud shouts; both parties then reach the climax together.
What should women do when men ejaculate?
1) Enjoy the bliss of married life – Relax mentally and physically to enjoy this moment of pleasure;
2) Hold on tightly to the man – Men need a sense of accomplishment during this time so holding him close will give him an indescribable feeling of accomplishment which in turn helps keep their marital relationship harmonious;
3) Make some noise – Express your emotions visually either through eyes or facial expressions or vocally by shouting or saying sweet words;
4) Show joy – Let him see your joy visually through your eyes and facial expressions or hear them audibly through voice declaring your pleasure towards this moment.