What factors can affect a person’s libido? Which type of person has a strong libido?

Sex is the fundamental of human beings, yet the degree of sexual desire varies from person to person. Through long-term investigation and research, medical experts in America and Britain have concluded that the following ten factors have the greatest impact on a person’s sex drive:

1. Genetic factors – sexual desire is likely to be affected by genetic factors.

2. Hormone levels – male hormones have the greatest influence on sexual desire; if there is an insufficiency of male hormones in either sex, sexual desire will decrease; conversely, if there is a higher level of male hormones in the body, then sexual desire may be stronger.

3. Sensory stimuli – vision, taste, hearing, smell and touch can all excite both men and women’s nerves, thus arousing their sexual desires. In other words, people with better developed senses tend to have stronger sex drives.

4. Previous sexual and social experiences – people are more likely to become aroused if they had pleasant past experiences in both sexual encounters as well as in social situations; otherwise it becomes harder for them to become aroused.

5. The time required for recovery after intercourse – many people need a certain amount of time before they can experience another surge of sexual desire after climaxing during intercourse; this time period varies from person to person.

6. Environmental factors – such as atmosphere, temperature, seasons, diet and medications taken all contribute to affecting an individual’s sex drive; good environment can cause one’s sex drive to increase while bad environment would do the opposite.

7. Cultural influences – moral values and laws can lead to lower sex drives due to its restraining power on individuals.
8 Mental state – anxiety fear anger frustration pain discomfort and confusion all reduce one’s libido .
9 Age related – generally speaking males are at peak libido between 18-25 years old while females are between 35-40 years old . With age comes decreased male hormone levels reduced skin sensitivity poorer blood circulation within genital organs and increased life stress which all reduce one’s libido .   10 Health condition – healthy mind and body are essential for normal libido . Illnesses such as endocrine diseases reproductive organ diseases or any other type of energy consuming illnesses can greatly affect one’s libido .   In conclusion , maintaining a balanced healthy state of both body and mind is the basic requirement for arousal of libido .