What kind of feeling would a woman have in the moment a man ejaculates?

What is the feeling for a woman when a man ejaculates? Regarding this topic, much attention has been paid by netizens. Therefore, Minnan Health Network collected a series of feelings that a woman may have during ejaculation. The content comes from the Internet and is not based on scientific basis, but also reflects the beauty of ejaculation as follows: 1. I like the feeling of him shooting inside, it’s very comfortable! Often after he finishes, I can only get to climax. It’s hot and great! 2. I can feel my husband’s little brother getting excited, becoming thick and hard, then speeding up frequency. Shooting at the same time as arching up. 3. It doesn’t feel anything when he shoots, but can feel his movement when he does, it’s very strong movement; usually women cannot bear this moment and can easily reach climax then. 4. My husband is quite strong with great hardness; especially in the moment when he ejaculates; I can feel strong pressure on my vaginal walls. 5. There is a feeling; will feel his little brother shaking in the hole sometimes; sometimes the stimulation makes me reach climax too; however most of times we both reach climax together. 6. When my husband shoots inside me, I can feel a rush going upwards; imagining the intense inside feeling; it’s so exciting! But this requires a larger amount of semen from men 7. To be honest, there is still a rush of warmth coming out when shooting inside me stimulating my sensitive vaginal walls; even when he pulls out I shudder all over body and then another wave of warmth flows out 8. When shooting inside there won’t be intense impact sensations like mentioned in books but rather just heat 9. That moment when shooting inside there are feelings that one often feels most comfortably 10. When shooting inside one can feel something and usually that moment is most comfortable