What type of skill does a woman need to have in bed that a man would like?

When it comes to making love, all women want their men to have the most pleasure. However, each woman performs differently in bed – some are very skilled while others don’t know what they’re doing. What do men like a woman to do in bed? Although sex isn’t everything in a relationship, it plays an important role in maintaining intimacy. Therefore, every woman needs to “practice” so that her boyfriend/husband can’t resist her~

1. Praise Him: Don’t be silent like a corpse without any response when having sex; tell him how “great, big, thick, deep, comfortable and enjoyable” he is constantly. Listen to your instincts and use direct language to let him know; you will suddenly find his fighting index suddenly increased tenfold after your whispers of praise.

2. Be Cooperative: No matter what kind of sexual position, place or period it is, try your best to satisfy him. Also; no matter what image or job you usually have in daily life, there are only two people when they are naked together; don’t be too tense and show your wild side from the bottom of your heart to capture his soul…

3. Moan and Groan: Panting sounds, moaning and natural body shifting are the best aphrodisiacs; don’t be shy on the bed and express boldly. When you get more comfortable, swing your body with full force with great hip movements especially when you are about to enter orgasm; shout out loudly with all the power inside so that he can never forget this moment for life.

4 Toys: Sex is something between two people; spend some time thinking about it and buy some toys for both of you occasionally rather than just think about food ingredients every day. Remember that besides catch his stomach by cooking delicious food for him also catch his little DD as well as thirsty heart of him smartly at the same time if you can!

5 Communicate Afterwards: Don’t rush into sleeping after finishing sex; ask him what part was he most satisfied with during that time and tell him yours as well so they can become reference points for next encounters –you will find out that act according with each other’s likes after several communication tends to last longer and feel better without unnecessary actions or wrong frictions wasting energy from both sides!
6 Set Atmosphere: Spraying fragrance & essential oils as well as wearing sexy lingerie & nightwear such as lace panties & stockings plus high heels will give extra points for sex activity- remember these are only meant for taking off by partner not yourself being taken off!
7 Roleplay: Most Chinese men were introduced into sex industry through Japanese AVs (Adult Videos); maids & nurses & teachers & working ladies are their favorite characters- watch AVs together with partner noting which stories he likes then discuss before start playing those roles accordingly which guarantee make him reach climax beyond expectation meanwhile giving lots of pleasure for yourself too!