When embracing each other, the woman shows her emotions through four actions:

1. She tilts her head slightly to rest it on the shoulder of her partner.
2. She lifts her hand to caress the neck or back of her partner.
3. She wraps one arm around his waist or chest.
4. She tightens the hug by pressing closer to her partner’s body.
Emotional women are usually hard to detect and recognize, and it is only by catching the clues and making speculation based on them that one can figure out what’s going on. Firstly, a woman will either initiate a kiss or passively conform to your kiss. An emotional woman would not just be content with hugging and cuddling, which becomes the stepping stone for further action. She often extends it further in a way that is hard to resist, while she may not take it to the next level immediately, but she will take gradual steps. She might give you a kiss like that of a dragonfly; even such a light peck conveys her helplessness and lack of control over her own emotions. Furthermore, she might tease you, jabbing at your chest with her fists while cuddling up with you. Secondly, a woman would deliberately break off from hugging or cuddling for an opportune moment so as to ask you if you love her or not – even if this has been asked before multiple times or dozens of times. Emotional women regard you highly and doubt their own charm at the same time. Lastly, she would intensify the embrace suddenly. When emotional, women fully immerse themselves in the situation without faking anything or putting up a front; especially so when they are embracing you – their strength can surpass your expectations; thus revealing their potential in bringing out more passion. Even though they cannot prolong the embrace in length, they can do so in width. After splitting apart from each other temporarily, an emotional woman will give you an unexpected hug again as she does not want to part from you yet – through her actions expressing her reluctance better than words ever could.

In conclusion, cuddling and hugging are two of the most intimate actions one can perform that reveals how much someone loves another person through their actions such as initiating kisses, intensifying hugs and expressing reluctance when parting ways .