When making love, the vagina is burning and painful! What to do?

To seek joy but ended up being punched! This must be the most embarrassing thing. Female vaginal atrophy and dryness can easily cause pain during sexual intercourse, affecting the desire to make love, so when making love, the vagina is hot and painful! What should we do? To solve the crisis of “dry girls” and regain a “happy sex life” is imminent.

Making love, the vagina searing hot and painful- The woman elbows her husband for pleasure.

This Zhao couple, aged 26 and 27 respectively, experienced vaginal atrophy and dryness after Mrs. Zhao gave birth to her first baby. Every time during intimate activities, she would scream in pain, saying it felt like being scalded by hot water. Initially thought it was due to the insufficient recovery of birth canal after childbirth and needed more rest. However, even after several months since delivery, the severe pain still made Mrs. Zhao refuse to engage in sexual activities with her husband; she would always find excuses or even sleep in the nursery with the baby every time her husband sought for love.

After two years of a sexless life, Mr. Zhao mustered up the courage to try to have intimate relations with his wife last month. However, he was shocked when she could not bear it and accidentally jabbed him in the eye with her elbow, causing his glasses to be askew and his eye to be bruised, almost leading to impaired vision.

Unexpectedly, this storm became the last straw that overwhelmed the marriage of the two, and they quarreled to the point of almost getting divorced.

Finally, at the suggestion of their friends, the two of them sought help from an obstetrician.

Experts say that the inspection found that Mrs. Zhao’s pre-partum private part was relatively dry, and lubricant needed to be used to assist during intercourse; after childbirth, due to incomplete repair of the vagina, the private part became more dry and tight, causing pain when intimate, burning sensation ruined the couple’s “sexual appeal “.