When making love with your significant other, the most seductive thing to say is “I love you.”

During the course of lovemaking, the content and manner of speaking should change according to the progress. During foreplay, one can talk about light-hearted and enjoyable topics. The ideal conversation should contain both sexual tones and mundane aspects of everyday life, such as sexual humor or jokes.

After entering the substantive stage of love, conversation should be reduced relatively, but the degree should be deepened, that is to say, close to the feelings and sexual behaviors of both parties. Generally speaking, women love to hear men’s “sweet words” at this time, while men prefer to hear compliments about their physical characteristics. Some people say that men are animals defeated by strength, and women are easily conquered by language. When approaching climax, women can encourage him with intermittent moans and occasional praise. Some men may use dirty words, but they must be moderate.

After sexual intercourse, both the male and female should talk more than before the sexual contact began, and be slightly more specific. For example, they can simply ask each other about their sexual feelings. The man must not fall asleep right after sex. Moderate emotional communication can put a perfect end to the sexual experience.

Sometimes it can be too conservative to circle his love for sex. At this moment, the secret language keeps the gentleness of a woman while allowing your desires to be fulfilled, both physically and mentally. Sex always brings many benefits. But men often don’t understand and never give direct requests; it’s like scratching an itch in a hidden spot.

1. “No, thank you!”

Misunderstanding: She does not like it and she is unwilling.

Truth: Don’t stop, I’m enjoying it!

A classic dark hint, with a gentle, petulant expression and a soft push, this sentence only fools would let exploration stop. It has been said that when a woman says “no”, it actually means the opposite. Although it is not absolute, at this moment, it is obviously true.

Even if it is true, a man’s persistence can still reverse the original intention. Women have never been able to resist men’s tenderness and tyranny. This kind of passionate means has been tried many times in love plays, but many men neither learn nor try, which is puzzling.

Don’t believe it? Men can try to stop and the result will come out immediately. Men suppress their surging desires while women want to bite them to vent their anger. Unnamed fire burns fiercely in incomprehensible emotion. But the man is like a dumb eating Chinese rhubarb, especially bitter.

II. “Please! I’m about to faint!”

She was in too much pain, I was too enthusiastic, and she couldn’t handle the climax anymore.

Truth: My climax is coming, dear keep pushing, you’re the best!

The moment of a woman’s climax, often blurting out, a dazed and confused expression, love and hate intertwined, all thoughts in despair, her body’s infinite wonders, potential great enough to be amazing, that deep and sweet feeling beyond control; life seldom gives people the chance to be so reckless. It is fortunate for men to witness such struggles. They must not be foolishly merciful at certain times; gentleness from men can make her extremely enraged.

Third, “I love you!”

Misunderstanding: Declaring Love.

The truth: I’m yours, I want you, please continue…

This phrase has topped countless surveys of the phrases women love to hear the most—it’s clearly a woman’s favorite. When a woman says it out loud, it must be in an extremely passionate moment and when women are passionate, their sexuality is particularly strong. The body’s direct response is a hidden current surging, thirsting for entanglement. A man’s gentleness will certainly make her infinitely collapse at this moment. Now is the time for a man to take advantage of his sexuality freely.

“Should we talk during love-making?” It’s like asking “Should we make noises when enjoying food?”

I once heard a very interesting true story from a friend. She said every time she and her boyfriend make love, it’s like performing in a lively radio drama. Although the actions and postures are similar each time, the creativity lies in these two love geniuses. Every time the story is narrated with completely different lines! Today it may be twisted and cruel like “The Flash Killer”; Tomorrow it might turn 180 degrees to the implicit tenderness of “In the Mood for Love”, without any script but just depending on tacit improvisation – that’s wild!

The situation: Uh… I guess silence is golden.

Unless you are sure that what you say will warm up the atmosphere, a meaningful glance should be sufficient when the atmosphere is just right or the temperature is slightly warm.

If it is the first time for both of you: Unless you are already familiar with each other’s preferences and know the other person’s personality well, suddenly speaking something that the other person may not be comfortable with, even if you mean to lighten the atmosphere, may just make things worse instead.

If you have bad breath or just ate garlic: I suggest you brush your teeth first! If reality doesn’t allow it to be changed, then of course keep your mouth shut, otherwise, your partner will be holding their breath until it turns pale, and they surely won’t want to be with you again.

Condition two: Don’t hold back; it will hurt you inside.

Love should be expressed in words: If we love each other more and more, who says we have to keep silent? We can express our feelings while doing something, like “I find myself loving you more and more because I simply enjoy being with you…” Isn’t that an even better way to deepen the relationship?

When it feels good: You can say things like “Ahhh… That felt so comfortable…” “Oh my god! I’m about to die…” or other nice compliments. Don’t be subtle; let the other person know what you need.

Don’t be hard on yourself when it hurts! Expressing your real feelings will make him more gentle, or let him know what kind of posture you don’t like, and the quality of making love is interactive. You definitely have the right to speak.

Should you talk during sex? It depends on the situation, use your judgment. Regardless, remember – say more sweet words and less “teaching words”!