Where is the G-spot in women, and how can it be found in sexual life?

The G-spot is an area around the front wall of the female vagina, surrounding the urethra and a part of the urethral sponge. It is a sensitive band for women that can cause high sexual excitement and strong orgasm when stimulated. It is likely to be where Skene’s gland lies. However, opinions are still divided on whether the G-spot exists or not.  Where is a woman’s G-spot?  The exact location of the G-spot is 5 centimeters away from the vaginal opening. The G-spot has a raised small grain, and women can effectively stimulate this area when in the upper position on their back. The location of the G-spot will change over time.   In sexual life, how to find G-spot location?  Actually, the G-spot is more like an area rather than a point. Women can feel it to know if they have a G-spot or not,this part feels rougher than other parts of the inner wall of vagina and it feels like walnut but not smooth as others.   If women want to explore their own G spot themselves, it is best to take a squatting posture or sit on the toilet seat so that your fingers can reach deep inside them .It’s better to do some sexual fantasy because some people only feel its existence when they have desire for sex .It’s a bean-sized spongy area that will become hard and expanded into coin size when continuously stimulated .One hand should be exploring while another hand pressing your lower abdomen for stronger stimulation sensation in your vulva .On other hand due to vulva stimulation ,you may suddenly feel urge to pee then just relax naturally for few seconds ,it may spray out water from urethra which means you reach climax now.