Which “faux pas” should you avoid between men and women, perhaps it will bring you benefits.

Lovemaking is a normal physiological need between every couple. Appropriate lovemaking can bring many benefits to both physical and mental health of both men and women, as well as promoting the emotional communication between spouses. However, there are many taboos when it comes to lovemaking. If these taboos are not avoided, it is likely to have some adverse effects on the body. So what are they specifically? Let’s take a look below.

Do you know these love taboos?

Fatigue Love

In the process of making love, it requires certain physical strength and energy. If one forces himself/herself to have sex when feeling very tired, both parties will not be able to have a good experience, and will also have an impact on health. In addition, it can also have a negative effect on the communication between spouses.

Lovemaking after drinking

Most people believe that drinking alcohol can enhance the harmony of lovemaking, so many people like to make love after getting drunk. However, making love under such a situation is actually not beneficial for physical health.

Because drinking alcohol easily affects normal performance of men during sexual intercourse, affecting the experience effect of both husband and wife; and if pregnancy is successfully achieved after drinking alcohol, it may also lead to fetal deformity and other problems.

3. Pay no attention to hygiene.

Both men and women need to clean their genitalia before and after having sex. Many men may think that it is only necessary for women to clean their intimate area, but this is not the case. Men’s private areas also need to be cleaned. If they do not clean their intimate area properly, during the process of having sex, some bacteria may be brought into the female’s body, leading to gynecological diseases in women.

During menstruation, engage in sexual intercourse.

This is very important: when a woman is in her menstrual period, the cervix is open. During this time having intercourse can easily cause cross-infection, leading to abnormal menstruation and gynecological diseases. Also, bleeding during intercourse can affect the experience of making love.

Do you know the benefits of loving?

For both men and women, appropriate love-making can bring many benefits to the body. What are they specifically?

First of all, making love properly can effectively promote sleep. Because making love is a very physical exercise, after finishing it, it can effectively promote sleep. In addition, after sex, the entire body muscles are in a relaxed state and fatigue will naturally follow.

Secondly, intimate love has a very good effect on stress relief. Studies have shown that engaging in intimate love can effectively inhibit anxious moods, especially for people who are under great pressure from daily work, and they can effectively reduce stress through intimate love.

Thirdly, having sexual intercourse can also make X function better. Because our body functions according to the principle of “use it or lose it”, proper sexual activity can increase secretion of hormones inside the body and strengthen desire. On the contrary, if one does not engage in X life for a long time, it will lead to a gradual decline of X function.