Which relationships are most likely to develop romantic feelings between different sexes?

Opposite sexes often develop feelings for each other after spending prolonged time together. As they get to know each other better, they may find that their temperaments, interests and hobbies match. They admire each other and enjoy being together, allowing love to blossom between them over time. For those whose relationship develops in this way, some may be unmarried while others married. Feelings are sometimes hard to explain and can be difficult to control.

Emotions are a delicate thing; when opposite sexes spend prolonged time together, feelings can easily brew and grow stronger between them until it becomes an obsession or a captivation of one another.

One kind of relationship where this can happen is between coworkers. This type of relationship is often the longest as two people may be in contact longer than a married couple is together. In reality, many young couples meet their significant other from work first before getting to know each other better and eventually falling in love and becoming a married couple.

However, for some opposite sex coworkers there may be an impure relationship due to the amount of time spent together which allows understanding and feelings to develop between them more quickly than normal.

As students, the feeling developed can be more pure as it comes from a younger age when there is not yet any notion of benefit or interest involved; rather, it’s entirely driven by instinctive likes and admiration at a time when hormones are most active in the body. It’s no wonder then that reunions with old classmates so often cause drama due to unresolved lingering emotions from years ago.

With the rise of social media such as QQ and WeChat, distances between people have been shortened drastically, allowing opposite sex individuals to chat online freely without fear of judgement or shyness; thus making it even easier for feelings to grow over time leading some into relationships either by coincidence or design.

For those who share customer relations relationships with one another, this connection originates out of necessity for business but if it lasts long enough then opportunities arise for people to get familiar with one another leading again for feelings that might not necessarily be genuine but simply ‘date’ duelling or trying win favour in order to gain extra orders – though it should not be ruled out that two people who work closely together day after day cannot also develop genuine affection towards each other over time either!

Finally neighbourly relationships involve contact on a daily basis allowing familiarity which again breeds opportunity for sentiments between opposite sexes if the right environment is created; however caution must especially exercised if those involved are already married – respecting boundaries must always come first otherwise things could end up badly!