Which soul-stirring skills make sex more intense?

The plots of movies always leave us envying. The interaction between male and female protagonists are always full of surprises. In real life, even making love seems to follow a first base, second base and third base pattern that becomes more and more boring. Do not be discouraged. Umei now tells you these 6 seductive techniques so that you can make love more with great enthusiasm!

First move: Exploring neglected sexual opportunities
Your time is often taken away by work, children and entertainment leaving you feeling strained for time. However sexologists point out that the lack of time for couples to come up together to bed without interruption may be part of the problem, mainly because couples do not fully make proper use of their time.

Step One: If there is only 10 minutes available, then come up with a quick lovemaking session. It may sound too rushed, but fast lovemaking isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, many couples appreciate the stimulation brought about by fast lovemaking, as well as creating an intimate secret feeling between the two-especially when family and friends come over for dinner.

Second move: Improving caressing skills
After several years of marriage life, it’s easier to solidify the relationship by frequently caressing your lover instead of often making love. Experts say “In addition to having sex many couples rarely caress each other deeply and tenderly; they might feel awkward about it.” Improving caressing technique is essential in eliminating any obstacles to good intimacy effects.

Third move: Learn to express your wishes
Many men in bed act like monks trying hard to use sincere force to cover every inch of your skin in order to please you. If you want him to stay at a certain place then give him some instructions.

Fourth move: Expanding your intimacy space
If the bedroom is the only place where you two make love then you may have missed out on enjoying a high level pleasure from making love in other places around your home.

Step One: From starting off in the kitchen consider using all kinds of delicious food items found in cupboards or refrigerators which can take you both into new territory never before explored.

Step Two: Repeat doing this in each room—if you’ve already experienced making love on an arm chair in the bedroom why not go further?

Fifth move: Never miss fleeting opportunities Many people become excited at home but on the way towards their bedroom then get distracted by many things quickly losing their enthusiasm for sex before even getting there.. Experts point out if you want maximum pleasure from sex when aroused take immediate action right away!.

Step One: When feeling aroused don’t let yourself divert attention towards something else concentrate your energy so it doesn’t run out!.

Step Two: Whenever possible choose one place inside your home immediately start taking action there! Through these points your sexual communication skills have been enhanced and now it’s time for improving verbal skills—by issuing special requests or sharing one-time fantasies!
Sixth move: Knowing how to timely issue sexual fantasies Through these points your sexual communication skills have been enhanced and now it’s time for improving verbal skills—by issuing special requests or sharing one-time fantasies!

Step One:Let your partner know what you desire or write down what’s on your mind or try bookmarking—find a scene from a book describing fantasies pick out something that interests you mark it with red pen put it near his bedside!

Step Two:Before setting apart one day notify him/her beforehand asking them to read those passages giving them enough time comprehend its content completely!