Which sound helps with sex the most for women on the bed?

During the act of making love, both men and women involuntarily make some sounds, ranging from moans to heavy breathing to shy spoken words. Do you know which sound a woman makes in bed that best enhances the experience?

Inner Voice

No matter it’s a moan, you must call out with emotion, not in a wooden manner. So having an insincere attitude is definitely a taboo in calling out. If you are going to do it, please call out with your heart, feel every movement of him on your body first, and only call out when you really feel something; don’t keep calling incessantly, which makes it look fake.

Don’t say discouraging words.

During sex, it is important to say words that fit the moment. Saying something deflating like “Hurry! Give me an orgasm!” or “Can you come soon?” may express your feelings, but they are not necessarily conducive to a pleasant experience. If you want to enjoy sex more, take action to stimulate him and make sex even better.

Calling in a human-like manner

Many male friends I know are reluctant to compliment the Japanese AV actresses’ screams, thinking they don’t sound sexy but more like annoying noise. In any case, the moans shouldn’t be too exaggerated, outrageous, shocking or over-dramatic, otherwise it won’t achieve the desired effect and may also hurt men’s self-esteem. Plus, it must be exhausting for oneself to moan as well!