Why do men all like young and beautiful ladies?

Once there was a popular joke: “Men are actually very monogamous. No matter how old they get, they all like 18-year-old girls”. This joke reflects an issue: in life, men generally prefer younger women. Why? The preference for youth is a genetic and mental need.

Throughout the long history of human society, matriarchal society has only occupied a small part while patrilineal society has been dominant. In these societies, men have the heavy responsibility of maintaining their families’ survival and development, which requires many high-quality descendants. When selecting a spouse, young and energetic woman implies healthier offspring.

Evolutionary psychology believes this gene with the responsibility of multiplying offspring has been passed down to us. Therefore, genetic preferences in choosing a spouse cannot be ignored.

From a spiritual level, people have always had an irrevocable love for beauty and youth since ancient times and the pursuit of youth never stops. To most people, youth means vitality; it evokes primitive feelings in people’s hearts. Therefore, the preference for young women by men is a combination of genetics and thinking processes. Youth represents innocence

Many young women after trying out love often only realize how much effort their partner puts into them instead of having high expectations from them because they lack experience in life as well as understanding its complexity and arduousness. Their characteristic is an ignorant pursuit of love; believing that having love is enough to make one happy while men due to their possessive desires will want to join them in this journey of life.

For men, their emotional lives are simpler with fewer responsibilities requiring men to do many complicated matters; hence many men appreciate their simplicity so that they can easily keep her heart. On another note, innocent and inexperienced women often have curiosity towards the world which can result in admiration towards males where just simple words from males can make her swoon over him; as such admiration satisfies male vanity which can be seen as fuel to furthering both parties’ relationship making it more comfortable between them both. Same sex competition

On this topic, psychologists also brought up same-sex competition concept whereby male competitiveness among themselves drives them to seek for younger females partners .

Many people may think that having someone much younger than him reflects his charm as a man; during feudal times women were always subsidiary to man where after marriage she no longer had her own name but proudly calls herself “wife” followed by her husband’s surname showing loyalty and respect towards his family .
The amount wives/concubines one has often is seen as an indication success for a man where even today many still believe that having someone at their prime age gives recognition towards his capability while gaining envious admiration from other males around him .
Therefore , men’s preference for young women involves multiple aspects ; Youth represents hope and pursuits in life being with someone young rejuvenates them back into the time when they too were filled with vigor advancing forward ; it’s this contagious feeling reinvigorating themselves makes them gain idealism towards life once again .