Why do women moan during sex? What effect does moaning have?

Moaning is a word that men are willing to say, but there are also many prejudices that only prostitutes or wanton women will shout loudly. How can a woman of good character call out?

Actually, this is a manifestation of lacking proper knowledge about sexual intercourse. From a physiological perspective, there is a certain physiological reaction phenomenon in women during sexual intercourse when they moan. Below is an explanation why women moan during sexual intercourse:

First, because when approaching or reaching orgasm, the oxygen content in the blood will decrease. At this time, women will fall into a slight hypoxic state, and present a series of so-called “orgasmic symptoms” such as dull eyes, blurred vision, mild muscle spasm and so on. As the oxygen content in the blood decreases, carbon dioxide will increase relatively, so breathing will inevitably speed up. When breathing accelerates and becomes chaotic, it will naturally make the particular moans usually heard during orgasm.

II. When the arousal is high, the “exciting substances” in female brains will increase. People’s understanding of this “exciting substance” is still limited at present, but it has been known that it can make people conscious fuzzy and have the effect of relieving brain inhibition.

This effect will dull a woman’s rationality and produce cries that she herself could not imagine. Some women are unaware if they had even made any sound during sexual intercourse. Thus, it can be seen that the cries during sex is completely an involuntary physiological phenomenon, unrelated to a woman’s moral quality.

Third, of course there is also a kind of intentional bed sound, which is also a sound made by women deliberately to increase the passion of lovemaking.

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