Why do young girls nowadays like finding big uncles?

With the rapid development of modern society, many things are no longer as isolated and conservative as before. From what I know, many young girls find their boyfriends who are 8 years or even more than 10 years older than them, why do young girls now like to have boyfriends who are much older than themselves? I think there are several reasons.

First of all, for young men and women, we all know from the news that young girls get pregnant before marriage due to lack of proper contraception measures during college. Most boys and girls just choose to abort the baby that is yet to open its eyes in this beautiful world. If the boy has good family background, he may give a few thousand yuan to let the girl do a painless abortion which would rarely lead to marriage. This reflects the immature thoughts of young people, resulting in a series of incidents that should not happen. Just two days ago there was news about a girl who gave birth to a baby in her dormitory, put it into a plastic bag and threw it into a trash can because they had broken up but didn’t want to take responsibility for caring for the child anymore.

It can be seen that both boys and girls have deficiencies in their behavior and thinking which is not mature enough.

Then, the most important reason why little girls like big guys is maturity. Most big guys are around 80’s after generation who have been struggling in society for at least 20 years. They can make accurate judgments about something or someone and make these girls love them deeply. Whether it’s work or life, big guys are more considerate than peers their age and more mature which will help young girls avoid making mistakes.

Finally, big guys are very good at taking care of others and being considerate which can be seen everywhere in life. I heard many colleagues complaining around me that they quarreled with their boyfriends today because none of them was willing to do trivial things such as cleaning or washing dishes at home. Think about it if they really got married then the house would be turned upside down! But if you live with an uncle then everything will be different since there is an old saying “If he truly loves you he will treat you like his own daughter.”

Hope lovers end up happily ever after!