Why don’t men appreciate women who “buy their own drinks”?

Research in the United States has found that men do not appreciate women who get drunk.

In modern society, “Toasting to alcohol” is no longer exclusively for men. It is often seen that women attract male attention by showing off their drinking capacity. However, a research published in the latest issue of American Addiction Behavior Psychology found that men do not appreciate women who are “drunk”.

A survey of 3,616 students from two universities in the United States found that women overestimated men’s tolerance for women drinking alcohol. According to traditional views, men are capable of drinking more than women. But Dr. Joseph LaBrie, the lead researcher of the study and a psychology professor, states that “women have become increasingly able to drink more in recent decades.” Many women believe that consuming high amounts of alcohol will increase their sexual appeal and make them more attractive to men, when this is actually a huge misconception.

Researchers invited college students aged 18 to 25 to participate in an online survey, which were from a church university in Los Angeles and Washington University.

As a female student, she is asked to answer the following questions: at a particular event, such as a gathering of friends or a celebration banquet, how much alcohol should boys expect their female partners to drink and what is the maximum amount of alcohol that girls can accept? For a female attending an activity with her male friends, going on dates with males alone, or in order to increase attraction towards males, what would be an appropriate amount of alcohol for her to drink?

For male college students, their actual preferences were inquired to serve as a contrast to the estimates of female students.

Researchers also asked female college students to estimate, on a particular week or month, such as March, their average amount of alcohol consumed. They were also asked to estimate the average amount of alcohol among all college women in the school for a particular week.

The results found that 71% of female college students overestimated the real preferences of male college students for female drinking in parties. The average estimate of the females was more than 1.5 times that of the males’ real preference. 26% of the female college students believed that men wanted their girlfriends to drink more than 5 bottles of beer, and 16% thought that women who could drink had more sexual attractiveness to men. Their estimates were both more than twice as much as the males’ real preferences. At the same time, researchers also found that those who overestimated male preferences had experiences with “heavy drinking”.

As Dr. LaBrie said, there is a huge and dangerous difference between men and women when it comes to drinking. Although not all women are simply trying to attract male attention through heavy drinking, this does explain to some degree why women’s intake has been increasing in recent years.

Perhaps many women would think that it is nothing for a woman to drink alcohol, and it might even be a kind of graceful and charming performance. However, those women who are overly ambitious should still be warned that excessive drinking will not get them more respect from men, but may possibly be the beginning of danger and trouble.