Why is it important for people to know the proper use of adult sexual products?

Using adult sexual products correctly is an effective way to ensure contraception and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. However, many people do not know the correct use of condoms. Many people have not received proper sexual education, so they are not particularly aware of such knowledge. Today, a simple introduction to this knowledge is introduced in the hope that it will be helpful to some friends.

Before using adult products, you should check the package and expiration date. The storage time of condoms should not exceed one and a half years. If such products are placed in a hot environment, such as direct sunlight, it will reduce the shelf life of condoms and even affect the contraceptive effect. Therefore, when storing condoms, they should be placed in a dry, dark and ventilated place. Regularly check the validity period of condoms, for products that have expired or are about to expire, immediately select discard and replace them with better products with valid dates.

In order to properly use adult sex products, it is necessary to choose the right size product. If the contraceptive is too big or too small, not only may it affect the pleasure brought by sexual life, but also may affect the erectile function, and even rupture or slip during sexual intercourse. Here are some suggestions for friends: when choosing to buy condoms, if you do not know the model, you can consider buying medium-sized condoms first. If you find that the medium-size condom is not suitable, you can choose a large or small condom. Most of the condoms currently sold on the market are single pack. Therefore, before starting sexual life, they should be unpacked and taken out individually. Some people ask whether to blow test before using condoms. In fact, professionals say that each condom will be tested before leaving the factory. So there is no need for further testing before use. When taking out condoms, sharp objects such as nails should be prevented from scratching condoms so as not to affect their normal contraceptive and preventative effects against sexually transmitted diseases.